April 2008

One Fun Week

It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’m going to let these pictures do some of the talking with just some brief captions from me to explain all of the K Crew fun that is going on in each photo…


With Trey.jpgI had the pleasure of hearing Trey Hillman and Dayton Moore share their testimonies at my brother’s school (Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) last Thursday.  As an area representative for Fellowship of Christian Athletes, I left EXTREMELY impressed with these two men that are in such prestigious positions in the Royals’ organization and using their influence to share about the most important thing in their lives–not baseball, but God.  As I left the service, I told my brother I’d never been more proud to be part of this organization than I was upon hearing the leadership has such solid beliefs.


Fern Tipton.JPGFriday evening, I was in charge of the Buck O’Neil Legacy Seat, which is awarded every home game to a member of the community who embodies an aspect of Buck’s spirit through generosity and kindness towards others. This was my first time working with this particular facet of our pre-game ceremonies, but I cannot imagine a more a deserving person for this honor.  I enjoyed every minute of getting to speak with Fern before the game.  Her compassion for others radiated throughtout her every word and gesture.  Fern, who turns 85 this September, has spent 17 years dedicating her time and talents to the Raytown Shepherd Center’s Meals on Wheels program, and she also actively volunteers with several other Raytown organizations and causes.  I am so glad that part of my job that evening was to meet such a fantastic person!


Cousins.jpgThis last picture is of me and my two adorable little cousins, Keagan and Logan, who were braving the unseasonable cold for our victory against the Blue Jays Friday night. 

I wasn’t able to be at the game Saturday night, but a friend of mine was sending me text messages with score updates all evening.  I was in Wal-Mart when I heard the final score that we had won, and I decided my role as a K Crew member really shouldn’t be confined to the stadium, so I took it upon myself to announce to everyone in Wal-Mart that we won!!!  My favorite quote of the night was when I started yelling, “Royals…in aisle WONNN!!”

From the inspiring words of Trey Hillman and Dayton Moore to the sweet sincerity of Fern to the sillyness of my own public service annoucement at Wal-Mart, it was one fun week to be K Crew member.

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

Sporting the Powder Blues

As I started to write the latest entry for “Extra Innings with K Crew,” I couldn’t help but think of what happened in San Diego Thursday night when it took the Rockies THIRTEEN extra innings to beat the Padres 2-1.  It made me wonder what we’d be launching out during Inning #22 at the K

royals 007.jpgWhile the team has been on the road this week, K Crew has still been sporting the powder blues all over KC.  On Tuesday, the University of Missouri-Kansas City hosted a Royals-themed luncheon in the dining hall.  Emily and I joined Sluggerrr for some ballpark food with students.  We handed out 250 free Royals shirts and tons of bracelets, pins and schedules.  It was fun to see how excited students are about the Royals…well the team and also just the excitement of free t-shirts! 

Jacqueline, Kate, and I got to make a quick- but fun- appearance at another baseball-themed event at HOK Sport.  The Kansas City architecture firm was celebrating their work on ballparks across the country, including Kauffman Stadium renovations.  We threw t-shirts and passed out lots of Royals goodies to the HOK staff.

HOK.JPGAfter working several games last week, it’s been so much fun to talk to all of the fans that saw us at the games.  I can’t even count the number of people from my work, community, church, and some just complete strangers that have came up to me this week and asked if I work for the Royals.  I’m always so proud to say yes and tell them all about what we get do with K Crew.  Just yesterday, a coach from one of my schools saw me checking in at the office and goes, “Hey- you gave my son a bracelet last weekend!” 

I also never get tired of the attention that we get when we’re in our uniforms…whether it’s walking into the stadium or getting gas on the way to an event–people see the jerseys and just get excited!  I had some kids come up to me at QuikTrip and ask for an autograph, and then later that same day on the drive home, some guys honked and yelled “Go Royals!” when I was stopped next to them at a red light.

I love baseball.  I love this job.  But most of all–I love my Royals.

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

Opening Day Excitement at the K

I wasn’t working the game last night, but I was checking Royals.com every few minutes to check the status of the game.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never once wondered what the score was when I wasn’t at a game.  It’s official–I AM A ROYALS FAN. 

Hot dogs.jpgNot the kind I’ve been in the past, where I was more excited about the Kiss Cam than the score, but the kind that reminds me a little bit of my dad.  For as long as I can remember, my dad has been a TRUE Royals fan.  The kind that loves the Royals in the good seasons, but also the not so good seasons.  The kind that gets a little annoyed when people cheer louder for the Hot Dog Derby than for the team.  And when I’ve inquired about this constant dedication of his, he always says it all started with the excitement of going to games in the 80s.  I’ve never quite got it…until Tuesday night.

As I was looking up at the stadium full of blue screaming fans through the eyes of the Ketchup costume- I felt a little bit of that excitement.  As Emily and I walked around the stadium to our next event and people were yelling and cheering as we walked by in our K Crew uniforms, I felt that excitement.  Then with two outs at the top of the ninth, as fans started standing to their feet and clapping, again I felt that excitement.

Emerson Drive.jpgFrom beginning to end, opening day was such a feel of that kind of excitement that I’d only heard my dad talk about as he reminisced of the 80s.  K Crew got to the stadium for our pre-game meeting at noon, and then seven hours later we were in that same room catching our breath from the whirlwind of a day.  We assisted with pre-game (i.e. chatted with Emerson Drive on the field), launched t-shirts, ran in hot dog suits, sang to some Garth, threw out Cracker Jacks, helped with all sorts of promos, did some 7th inning stretching on the dugouts, and last but certainly not least–cheered as the Royals beat the Yankees for our very first home game of 2008!

I checked the final score.  Another victory for the home team.  Come out and feel that excitement from the 80s coming alive… just leave the scrunchies, leg warmers and big hair at home. 

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…


Royals Fever Sweeps Through KC

I logged into Facebook this afternoon to find the following three status updates in my newsfeed…

Jackie Kitterman…ROYALS!! :)…that’s a sweep!

Jimmy Peddicord…Royals are 3 and 0!

Brady Madsen predicts 162-0. Just 159 to go.

Brigade Game.jpgRoyals fever is in the air, and I could not be more excited about having the opportunity to be part of this team.  The fever was evident last weekend when the K Crew visited a Brigade game at the Sprint Center.  Fans went crazy when they saw the K Crew armed with royals.com T-Shirts.  Even the fans at the Brigade game knew it was time for baseball season and the K Crew T-Shirt Launch.

Just Tuesday night, we had our walk-through before the big home opener, which is just FIVE days away.  We had another photo shoot before learning everything you can imagine about Kauffman Stadium.  I’m not going to lie–it was a tiny bit overwhelming, but there was something extremely exciting about walking up onto the field that night.  The lights were on, CrownVision was looking incredible, the grass was freshly cut…  As I looked around at everyone stepping onto the field, I think we were all feeling the excitement and honor of being a K Crew member.

Beachamps.JPGNot only does the K Crew bring excitement and honor, but also celebrity.  To benefit the Autism Alliance, Jacqueline and Kristin were celebrity servers tonight at Beauchamp’s on the Rail in Lee’s Summit.  Other celebrity servers included Kansas City Chiefs players.  The news and excitement of the Royals’ sweep over Detroit filled the restaurant. 

After the game today, I text messaged a friend of mine all excited about the sweep.  He first wrote back, “Haha yes, I’m proud you heard!”  This was him thinking he’s funny because in the past, I haven’t always been as up to date with Royals knowledge as I’m certainly going to be this year!  He then went on to write, “I know, I’m definitely excited about their season. What a good year to be a K Crew member!”

With everyone around me so excited about the team, it makes everything I’m getting to do that much more exciting–from putting on our jerseys to having the opportunity to spend these “extra innings” with you!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…