Sporting the Powder Blues

As I started to write the latest entry for “Extra Innings with K Crew,” I couldn’t help but think of what happened in San Diego Thursday night when it took the Rockies THIRTEEN extra innings to beat the Padres 2-1.  It made me wonder what we’d be launching out during Inning #22 at the K

royals 007.jpgWhile the team has been on the road this week, K Crew has still been sporting the powder blues all over KC.  On Tuesday, the University of Missouri-Kansas City hosted a Royals-themed luncheon in the dining hall.  Emily and I joined Sluggerrr for some ballpark food with students.  We handed out 250 free Royals shirts and tons of bracelets, pins and schedules.  It was fun to see how excited students are about the Royals…well the team and also just the excitement of free t-shirts! 

Jacqueline, Kate, and I got to make a quick- but fun- appearance at another baseball-themed event at HOK Sport.  The Kansas City architecture firm was celebrating their work on ballparks across the country, including Kauffman Stadium renovations.  We threw t-shirts and passed out lots of Royals goodies to the HOK staff.

HOK.JPGAfter working several games last week, it’s been so much fun to talk to all of the fans that saw us at the games.  I can’t even count the number of people from my work, community, church, and some just complete strangers that have came up to me this week and asked if I work for the Royals.  I’m always so proud to say yes and tell them all about what we get do with K Crew.  Just yesterday, a coach from one of my schools saw me checking in at the office and goes, “Hey- you gave my son a bracelet last weekend!” 

I also never get tired of the attention that we get when we’re in our uniforms…whether it’s walking into the stadium or getting gas on the way to an event–people see the jerseys and just get excited!  I had some kids come up to me at QuikTrip and ask for an autograph, and then later that same day on the drive home, some guys honked and yelled “Go Royals!” when I was stopped next to them at a red light.

I love baseball.  I love this job.  But most of all–I love my Royals.

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

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