May 2008

Crazy Cool People

Tuesday evening, I couldn’t help but think about the long overdue blog that need to be written as we were going crazy for the rally at the bottom of the ninth that put us into extra innnings.  It truly was “Extra Innings with the K Crew” on Tuesday night at the KPrime of Life 001.jpg

As I was leaving the game that evening, a friend of mine called, and he asked me if I was sick of being at games all the time yet… because to be honest, when I heard that we would be working about half of 81 home games, I remember being mildly concerned about my level of commitment for the summer. 

Prime of Life 006.jpgIf you combined all of my game attendances in my lifetime, it still wouldn’t be the amount of games I’d be working in this one summer.  But when he asked me that, my answer was such a sincere and genuine, “Are you kidding me?! I LOVE THIS JOB!” 

We get to run in hot dog costumes, dance on dugouts, meet so many dedicated Royals’ fans, give free stuff to adorable little kids, and just get to be at so many of the games!

Prime of Life 010.jpg

 Even after our work at the stadium is done… when the last t-shirt has been launched and the last tattoo has been handed out, K Crew’s time together is not.  After the game Tuesday night, we all headed to Denny’s for some post-game breakfast. 

Group at Denny's.JPGFor our profiles for the K Crew Web site , I remember being asked what my favorite thing about being on K Crew was and at the time I thought it was “all the crazy cool uniforms.”  But now I’m not so sure… don’t get me wrong–I still love our “crazy cool uniforms,”  but I might just have to change my answer to “all the crazy cool people I get to work with.”

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…