The Best Place in the World

Game three of a short homestand with the Texas Rangers proved to be victorious!  It was a short but sweet three game homestand here at the K

Aaron and I were just talking Tuesday evening how coming to the stadium is almost an escape from everything else going on in life.  Whether it’s work or relationships or whatever else is a little stressful in life, it’s almost as if when you walk in the gates of the stadium, life just slows down a little bit in a really great way.  There are so many things I love about being at the K… the smell of ballpark hotdogs, the fun music, the nice weather, but most of all are all the incredibly friendly and great people.

I feel like everyone is always in a good mood… from the nice lady that scans my parking pass to the optimistic guy that always says, “Going to be a good game today” as I walk in Gate B to the sweet lady that makes the bathroom so nice and pretty to the courteous event staff men who open the doors for me. 

You might think I’m making this up, but these are seriously the people that I encounter every single game as I’m walking to the K Crew Locker Room!  That is not even to mention the amazing people I am greeted by upon walking into our room… just today, I walked in a little bit late to find Tyler had rolled some extra t-shirts that he shared with me.

DSC02203.JPGThat also doesn’t go to mention the incredible quality people I’ve had the opportunity to meet while assisting with the Buck O’Neil Legacy Seat.  Every single game, I have the most inspiring and heartfelt conversations with such impressive servants of our community.

These adorable girls with their super sparkly homemade signs are yet another example of the excited and enthusiastic fans that make life better at the K.  They did a great job of cheering throughout the entire game!  Future K Crew girls… I think so!

I think some people get stressed out going to work.  Not me.  Come to the K.  Watch the best game in the world, baseball, with the best people in the world, Kansas Citians, on the largest HD video board in the world, CrownVision.  It’s got to be the best place in the world. 

Leave it to the Royals to bring the team to you even when the Boys in Blue are playing in St. Louis.  Come down to the Power and Light District in Downtown Kansas City on Tuesday, June 17, for a Royals Watch Party.  We’ll have all kinds of entertainment (including the K Crew, of course), and you can watch the game on the video board above the KC Live! stage.  It will be a fabulously good time for Royals fans of all ages!  See you there!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

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