Its Good to Be Back

I worked Friday night’s game after being out of town for the past couple of weeks, and it was so good to be back at the stadium!  And very exciting to be back on a victorious night against the Mariners with tons of fans in their Royals’ Cowboy Hats

DSC00811.JPGEven as I was out of town, I certainly didn’t forget about my boys in blue back home in Kansas City.  I feel like my K Crew duties shouldn’t be limited to the confinements of the ballpark, so I was busy spreading Royals cheer all over the past couple of weeks…

I’m always thinking of the Royals… even on the beach of Tybee Island!

And then I wore my Royals shirt proudly at church camp!  So many of my campers were so excited to hear about the incredible opportunity I’ve had this summer with K Crew.  It is probably one of the coolest jobs to get to tell people about… because everyone is always so excited!  And who doesn’t like getting to tell people they get to run in a hot dog suit??

family picture.jpgHere’s a picture of my camp “family” where I certainly wasn’t the only Royals fan!

And church camp is about the only place I’d be standing this close to a crazy Cardinals fan!  We are actually all pretending to be excited in this picture about a fake proposal I received earlier that night from a camper, but later I told Hannah (the silly Cardinals fan) that really we’re all admiring my super cool ROYALS bracelets! 
CAMPPPP 046.jpg

While I’ve loved spreading the excitement of my favorite baseball team from Tybee to Camp Bobwhite, it was great to be back at the stadium Friday night! 

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

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