August 2008

Always on My Mind

School is under way.  Every student in Senorita Dyer’s classroom has seen plenty of blue… and I’m not just talking about the blue of the Grain Valley Eagles’ school colors, but also the POWDER blue of my Royals!  The first couple of days I spent some time getting to know the students, as well as letting them get to know me a little better.  I couldn’t help but smile and get pretty excited each hour when a student asked me where I worked this summer.  I think I’ve inspired all 182 of my students to want to be future K Crew members one day!


Tomorrow Homestand #10 continues with the Giant Banner Flag giveaway to the first 20,000 fans presented by Fox Sports Net Kansas City.  I’m thinking that will have a place in my classroom right next to all my other Royals excitement!  Today in class, I was fingerspelling words in American Sign Language for my students to recite to me.  The first word I fingerspelled was R-O-Y-A-L-S, which they all got correctly pretty quickly.  I’m not for sure if it’s because my students are just that intelligent OR because they know me that well already to know that of course I’d be talking about the Royals!


Royals, Ash, School = Fun fun fun 007.jpgI meant to include these pictures from the golf tournament in last week’s blog, but I forgot.  However, I think it’s important enough to go ahead and put up a week late, because it needs to be known how important the “helpers” are for the Hot Dog Derby!  Emily is so kindly helping me here in this picture get my shoes all strapped in before the big race.  Each time we do the Hot Dog Derby, different K Crew members are assigned the role of “helpers.”  This role may sound not that important, but really it’s actually super important, because it is a little more difficult to successfully get in those suits than one might think!  Royals, Ash, School = Fun fun fun 011.jpgIt takes some hard working K Crew members to help get the racers all ready to go… because if those straps aren’t tight or the suit’s not on quite right, victory might be just one fall away for ol’ Ketchup, Mustard or Relish!  This second shot also includes Amy who was also very helpful in getting us all ready to go that morning.  You girls are great!  Thanks for LETTING me run!


A couple of weeks ago, I received a phone call from Community Blood Center thanking me for being a regular blood donor with them and asking me if I wanted to come in and give during “Royals Week.”  I love giving blood, so I said I’d definitely come in, and when I got there I was pretty excited to see what “Royals Week” entailed…  Not only did I get a fun Royals T-shirt, but also two free tickets!Royals, Ash, School = Fun fun fun 002.jpg  I told the lady taking my health information about K Crew and my own involvement with the Royals, and she asked me if I had my uniform with me to take a picture.  I just happened to have my powder blue in the car, and I agreed as long as she promised to be nice with the needle!  She was, and I was able to save three lives while wearing my favorite uniform!


Even when I’m not at the stadium, from my classroom to blood drives, the Royals are always on my mind!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

Spreading My Royals Cheer

This entry is a little late getting to you, as I’ve started my first week of teaching and coaching at Grain Valley High School.  As I sat in meetings ALL day, there were several times that I would glance out the window and see the sun shining, and I seriously longed to be outside at The K launching T-shirts or even running in the Ketchup suit!  Being inside all day (and in long meetings, nonetheless) perhaps gave me yet another appreciation for just how amazing life as a K Crew member really is!

Last homestand, we had a lot of exciting things going on.  Since I didn’t have any pictures last entry, I made sure to get several for this blog!  I will let the pictures tell the story of Homestand #9 with just some words from me explaining all the fun that is going on…

DSC02565.JPGI’ve talked all season long about the great people I have the opportunity to work with game after game… I feel like a broken record, but these people just really are pretty fantastic!  I couldn’t ask for better co-workers.  In this picture, Chris is giving me a REALLY great present he brought me back from his trip to Chicago where he got to visit Wrigley Field.  And oh yes, he wore a Royals hat to the game!



DSC02567.JPGWhen selecting people for our promotions, we have a couple of guidelines we go by…you’ve got to be at the game early when we’re looking for contestants, and it’s a must that you have Royals apparel on!  On this particular night, I spotted this young Royals fan, and just knew he would be PERFECT!  Not only was he wearing a Royals t-shirt, but a hat and tattoos as well!  But little did I know that he would be such an expert about the Royals!  The inning before the Commerce Bank Hard Hat Shuffle while I sat with him, he was explaining more to me than I can even tell you!  Players’ statistics, pitching strategies…this guy knew it all!  And he, of course, also won the prize for knowing the ball was under hat number 3!

and I had the pleasure of hanging out with these good looking guys during pre-game in the press conference room.  I later got to see Nick and Jake several times during the game, and I’m pretty sure they even caught some launched hot dogs too!  Jake had one of the best first pitches I’ve seen all year!!  I’m pretty sure Trey Hillman will be giving you a call in a few years, Jake!



celebrity_golf_0273.jpgK Crew helped out at the Royals Charities Golf Tournament, which benefitted the Special OlympicsSean and Sarah took care of the T-shirt gun, while Emily, Amy, I participated in the Hot Dog Derby to start off the tournament.  There’s nothing like starting your day off at 8 AM with a little jog in the Ketchup suit! 

celebrity_golf_0111.jpgAs excited as I am about my new career as a teacher and coach, even writing this blog just reminds me how incredible of a job I have with the Royals where “work” is defined as being at the stadium, getting fans excited, and launching hot dogs.  Oh, and I found out this past week that in the foreign language department, I am working with a White Sox and a Cardinals fan!!!!  But don’t you worry, my classroom is already well represented with every bobblehead we’ve given away this season!  I will certainly share my enthusiam for the Royals with all 182 of my students!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

A Little Fame

Since first beginning with K Crew, I have joked with my friends about the sudden fame that comes with the prestigious role that comes with launching hot dogs and photo shoots and such.  They have enjoyed continually teasing me about being “famous,” but last homestand I began to wonder if there was some validity in the constant teasing.

I’ll share with you some of the fun happenings and let you be the judge…

  • I was the Worship Rally Leader for my church’s Vacation Bible School, so it was my job each evening to get the kids all excited in the opening and closing ceremonies.  Every night there were kids that came up to me after I got off stage asking me, “Did I see you on the dugout at the Royals game?” or “Did you give me a tattoo at the game last week?”  
  • My family went to Ruby Tuesday to celebrate my mom’s birthday, and as we were being seated the hostess asked if she knew me.  I talked to her for a minute, but didn’t think I recognized her when she asked, “Wait- do you work for the Royals?”  My brother answered for me that actually I play first base.  Hahahaha…
  • At the game Saturday afternoon, Adam and I were sitting with some fans when we ended up on FOX cheering on the team to beat the White Sox.  When I got back to the locker room, I had seven text messages and two voicemails from friends telling me they saw me on TV! 
  • As I was driving home from that same game – still in my K Crew uniform – I was about five miles from home in Odessa when this van full of a Little League baseball team pulled up next to me honking and waving and cheering excitedly for the Royals!  They had signs and everything!

Famous?  Maybe not.  But excited about what I do for the Royals?  Definitely.

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…


My Favorite People

I’m sitting at my friend Bonnie’s apartment while her and my friend Jennifer are playing Guitar Hero.  The song they are rocking out to is “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” and I literally felt like I needed to be on the dugout reaching into my bag to be throwing a t-shirt out for the K Crew T-shirt Launch!!!  It was so crazy how hearing that song just completely me put me in the mood to be getting my K Crew on!  It also was a friendly reminder to me that I needed to be updating the blog! 

The last homestand was a great time with a ton of awesome promotional giveaways.  It also was a week of extremes from some crazy rainy weather to some intense heat!  I worked five games in a row and even with the extreme weather, I was seriously just more and more excited to be at the stadium with each game.  Every game, we are partnered up with someone for the night, and in those five games I worked with some of my very favorite people!  Here are some pictures from one of the rainy nights we had last homestand…

Rainy_Royals_002.jpgI always enjoy working with Adam!  He does a great job at not passing a single kid without making them feel so special and excited to be at the game!  And no one has more enthusiasm for RELISHHHH than Adam!




Rainy_Royals_001.jpgThese are some fun guys that I had the pleasure of dancing to Garth with… they were really wanting to get on CrownVision, but we didn’t make it on there that night, so I promised them a shout out on the blog!  Thanks for the dance, guys!



Rainy_Royals_003.jpgThese are four of my very favorite K Crew members!!!!  I just can’t say enough how as a group, K Crew just has so much fun together… whether we’re on the dugout, doing a promotion, or eating together in the locker room… things are always such a good time with the K Crew!



Rainy_Royals_004.jpgThis was our girls only picture because it was Girls Night Out at the K!!  What a fun night!  And oh yes, that’s our amazing singer Kirby in the picture–every time she sings, I’m more and more impressed and hear from so many of our fans how much they enjoy her leading the Seventh Inning Stretch!  Keep it up, Juno… I mean Kirby!

Things are about to get exciting again at the stadium as we’re coming home from sweeping the A’s in Oakland for the first time in 20 years!  Tonight starts our three game homestand with the White Sox with Buck Night and Fireworks Friday.  And you don’t want to miss Military Appreciation Day with our Camo Cap Giveaway tomorrow!

And Bonnie and Jennifer are still going at “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” and I still can’t wait to be up on the dugouts tomorrow night hitting YOU with my best shot!! 

I’ve said it before, and I’ll certainly say it again…
It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…