My Favorite People

I’m sitting at my friend Bonnie’s apartment while her and my friend Jennifer are playing Guitar Hero.  The song they are rocking out to is “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” and I literally felt like I needed to be on the dugout reaching into my bag to be throwing a t-shirt out for the K Crew T-shirt Launch!!!  It was so crazy how hearing that song just completely me put me in the mood to be getting my K Crew on!  It also was a friendly reminder to me that I needed to be updating the blog! 

The last homestand was a great time with a ton of awesome promotional giveaways.  It also was a week of extremes from some crazy rainy weather to some intense heat!  I worked five games in a row and even with the extreme weather, I was seriously just more and more excited to be at the stadium with each game.  Every game, we are partnered up with someone for the night, and in those five games I worked with some of my very favorite people!  Here are some pictures from one of the rainy nights we had last homestand…

Rainy_Royals_002.jpgI always enjoy working with Adam!  He does a great job at not passing a single kid without making them feel so special and excited to be at the game!  And no one has more enthusiasm for RELISHHHH than Adam!




Rainy_Royals_001.jpgThese are some fun guys that I had the pleasure of dancing to Garth with… they were really wanting to get on CrownVision, but we didn’t make it on there that night, so I promised them a shout out on the blog!  Thanks for the dance, guys!



Rainy_Royals_003.jpgThese are four of my very favorite K Crew members!!!!  I just can’t say enough how as a group, K Crew just has so much fun together… whether we’re on the dugout, doing a promotion, or eating together in the locker room… things are always such a good time with the K Crew!



Rainy_Royals_004.jpgThis was our girls only picture because it was Girls Night Out at the K!!  What a fun night!  And oh yes, that’s our amazing singer Kirby in the picture–every time she sings, I’m more and more impressed and hear from so many of our fans how much they enjoy her leading the Seventh Inning Stretch!  Keep it up, Juno… I mean Kirby!

Things are about to get exciting again at the stadium as we’re coming home from sweeping the A’s in Oakland for the first time in 20 years!  Tonight starts our three game homestand with the White Sox with Buck Night and Fireworks Friday.  And you don’t want to miss Military Appreciation Day with our Camo Cap Giveaway tomorrow!

And Bonnie and Jennifer are still going at “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” and I still can’t wait to be up on the dugouts tomorrow night hitting YOU with my best shot!! 

I’ve said it before, and I’ll certainly say it again…
It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

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Hey! Just wanted to say I love your blog! I worked for the Omaha Royals this summer (P team so a lot of the same stuff as K crew) and I LOVED every minute of it. I can relate to so much of the stuff you talk about. Every time I hear Slow Ride on Guitar Hero, I think of a promotion we did EVERY game! I could probably think of 500 reasons why I love working for the Royals and I was SO sad when our season ended on August 28th. I was in KC for the White Sox game the last Saturday, and some people recognized my friend and I from Omaha games! I feel like a celebrity sometimes. It’s amazing to see our boys from Omaha go up to KC and just plain rock! I saw Aviles, Shealy, Maier, Smith, and a bunch of other current MLB guys play in Omaha this season, and we’ve built some pretty cool friendships with some of them. There’s just no place I’d rather be on those hot summer days than on top of the dugout cheering on my Royals!

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