A Little Fame

Since first beginning with K Crew, I have joked with my friends about the sudden fame that comes with the prestigious role that comes with launching hot dogs and photo shoots and such.  They have enjoyed continually teasing me about being “famous,” but last homestand I began to wonder if there was some validity in the constant teasing.

I’ll share with you some of the fun happenings and let you be the judge…

  • I was the Worship Rally Leader for my church’s Vacation Bible School, so it was my job each evening to get the kids all excited in the opening and closing ceremonies.  Every night there were kids that came up to me after I got off stage asking me, “Did I see you on the dugout at the Royals game?” or “Did you give me a tattoo at the game last week?”  
  • My family went to Ruby Tuesday to celebrate my mom’s birthday, and as we were being seated the hostess asked if she knew me.  I talked to her for a minute, but didn’t think I recognized her when she asked, “Wait- do you work for the Royals?”  My brother answered for me that actually I play first base.  Hahahaha…
  • At the game Saturday afternoon, Adam and I were sitting with some fans when we ended up on FOX cheering on the team to beat the White Sox.  When I got back to the locker room, I had seven text messages and two voicemails from friends telling me they saw me on TV! 
  • As I was driving home from that same game – still in my K Crew uniform – I was about five miles from home in Odessa when this van full of a Little League baseball team pulled up next to me honking and waving and cheering excitedly for the Royals!  They had signs and everything!

Famous?  Maybe not.  But excited about what I do for the Royals?  Definitely.

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…


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