September 2008

The Last Homestand

The last homestand was every bit as fun as the first.  As I was standing down on the field with the Great Clips VIP Play Ball kid on Sunday afternoon during the National Anthem, I thought back to the first homestand where I was standing down on the field listening to Emerson Drive sing out the National Anthem.  I remember wondering what this job would entail and how I would like all the people…and if coming to about 40 of the home games would be too much or overwhelming.  I also remember thinking all of that while shivering even being bundled in our warm ups, jackets, and stocking caps.  But last Sunday as I stood there in just our shorts and powder blues, I couldn’t help but just smile as I took in the sun and the sights of the ballpark.  Somewhere between March and September, it really had become one of my favorite places. 

I had the pleasure of getting to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday of that last homestand.  Friday afternoon, I left school and volleyball a lit stressed out from the day and just not in the most chipper mood.  Literally within minutes of being greeted by my long lost K Crew friends in the locker room, coupled with the sounds and smells and atmosphere of being at the ballpark, my stresses and worries were vanished!  I’ve said it so many times in these blog entries, but I just can’t explain how getting to the stadium and doing this job puts me in the best mood ever!!!  I think part of it has to do with the real joy in giving to others… there’s something about giving away free stuff to excited fans–whether it’s a tattoo or a pencil–that just makes you feel pretty great!  Merry Christmas from the Royals 002.jpgThat provided is a most excellent segeway for Saturday night, which was Fan Appreciation Night at the K!  I took some pictures that will help tell the story of this fun night…

Here’s Sean, Emily F., and I in front of the BOXES AND BOXES of free stuff that we gave away every inning!!!  There was SO MUCH EXCITING ROYALS STUFF TO GIVE AWAY!!!!!

Merry Christmas from the Royals 003.jpgEmily F. and I felt like it was Christmas time, so we threw on the Royals Santa hats and headed to the gate to hand out stuff while saying, “Merry Christmas from the Royals!”  Hahahaha.  We truly did feel like Santa’s little–and EARLY–helpers!




Merry Christmas from the Royals 004.jpgHere are Jess, Emily P., and I just minutes before the giveaway at this particular inning.  Litearlly in a matter of minutes, all those people you can ese in the stands would be hovering over us screaming and grabbing for their blanket, shirt, stuffed animal…we got to see some very excited fans–people love free stuff!!



Merry Christmas from the Royals 005.jpgEmily P. and I thought these koalas and bears were just too cute!!  We took several of them to Cade’s birthday party, along with stationery sets, Sluggerrr shirts, and hot dogs!  They were so excited!  Thanks for being so fun, guys–and hope your birthday was super happy, Cade!!!

Merry Christmas from the Royals 006.jpg

Merry Christmas from the Royals 007.jpgThis last picture is of my mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, grandma and grandpa!  It was exciting to see so many of my favorite people all in one section at my favorite place!

I’ve said it all season long…but this really has been THE coolest job ever.  I was incredibly sad that it was the last homestand, but the exciting thing about baseball is that we start back up in just about six months!  And this won’t be the last you hear from me, because K Crew is having an end of the season banquet, so stay tuned for details–and of course pictures from that!  Rumor has it that we’ll all be dressed pretty fancy and receiving our very own “Tony Awards,” which will of course be Tony Pena bobbleheads!  It would only make sense for such an awesome group of people to end in a pretty remarkable ceremony!  ChrisSean… do I still have a date for The Tony’s?

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

Smile Because It Happened

I’m horrible with endings.  I cried for a whole week after my first softball season was over in 4th grade, because I missed the practices and games so much.  Graduating both high school and college were super bittersweet for me, because I just always love whatever I’m doing, so I’m never ready for it to be over.  Well the same is absolutely true with my time with K Crew.  I have despised saying, “This is our last homestand” all week long.  It really feels like just yesterday we were all meeting for the first time at the photo shoot in January!  And almost to just make this ending even harder on me, there have been all sorts of people mentioning K Crew and the Royals to me lately…

One of my ASL students told me one day that she just mentioned I wrote a blog for the Royals and her mom said that she had already read it before!  Again, I’m so excited (and surprised) when I find out people are reading my blog!!  Thanks for the read, Shelby’s mom!

Another student told me one morning that he Googled me over the weekend–kind of random, I know–but he said he found my blog and thought it was really fun to read!

I had dinner with my dear friend Courtney on Sunday evening at the Columbia Applebee’s.  She sat down after me and said, “Did you request this table?”  I was confused until she pointed out the Royals jersey hanging right above our table!!!!  I think everything tastes better with the blue and white overhead!  Especially because I had just spent the weekend in St. Louis with a friend.  As we were driving by the stadium, Josh was pointing out the new Busch Stadium, and I commented, “It’s so weird seeing all that red in a stadium.”  He wasn’t too amused with my preference for a stadium of blue!  But seriously–seeing that jersey at Applebee’s made up for a weekend of too much red!

My assistant principal came in my room during my plan time the other day to tell me that he saw me at the game last homestand.  Yell at me next time, Mr. Tarrants!  I’ll always have a hot dog for my principal!

Here’s a picture of my Eagle Time students showing their excitement for my favorite baseball team!  My classroom has all kinds of Royals spirit!
Volleyball 007.jpg 

And as I’ve been working on this blog, who else would I see on a commercial but Sluggerrr talking to Katie Horner!  The Royals are all around me!!!!  And I LOVE it.  And this isn’t even including all the text messages I get when we’re winning and my friends are at the games.  I love getting messages asking, “Are you working tonight? Go Royals!!!”  Sixth win in a row last night… pretty exciting!!

Make you sure you get out to a game this homestand.  I’ll leave you with some words my mom once told me before the end of my basketball season in high school… “Erica- don’t cry because it’s over.  Smile because it happened.”

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

One SUITE Game

A few weeks ago, I received a most flattering email informing me that Mr. Dan Glass has been enjoying my blog all season long and wanted to offer me tickets to the Crown Club for any game of my choice.

Let me just explain what went through my mind as I read this email…  first of all, I thought it was some sort of joke, because my friends constantly tease me that no one is reading my amazing blog.  Upon realizing that it indeed was NOT a joke, I could not contain my excitement that he had been reading my blog all season!!!!!  I was so honored and flattered and in complete disbelief!  It wasn’t until after processing that it was not a joke and being so completely flattered that I finally realized the sheer excitement that I’d be going to a game and sitting in Mr. Glass’ Crown Seats!!!!

I still had not a clue how exciting it would be until I actually arrived at the game Saturday night and got to experience the crazy amazing crown seats from the very kind and generous Mr. Glass.  I brought along my dad (the biggest and most loyal Royals fan I know) and our family friends, Samantha and Mike.  My dad and Mike have been friends since high school and have been coming to games for over 30 years. They have always talked about George Brett and Frank White as if they actually knew them.  Ironically, when the elevator door opened to take us to our seats, there was Frank White, and sure enough Mike said “hi” to him as if he had known him all his life.One SUITE Game 006.jpg 

Samantha and I have been best friends since we were babies… which is fun, because she now has a beautiful baby boy who got to come along as well.  Hayden has now been to three Royals games… and we’ve won all three!!!

One SUITE Game 004.jpgI took several pictures, so I could attempt to convey the crazy amazing time we had Saturday night… 

Before the game, we got to have a delicious meal in the Crown Club. 

One SUITE Game 032.jpg

Sam and I are clearly super excited about our Tony Pena Jr. bobbleheads…  and the Spanish teacher in me enjoyed every single minute of Viva Los Royals!  And in the spirit of the Viva Los Royals night, I’d like to publicly say MUCHAS GRACIAS for such an amazing, wonderful, exciting opportunity!!!!!! 


This is just a little glimpse of exactly how close we were to the field!One SUITE Game 021.jpg 

One SUITE Game 015.jpgWe were kissing our favorite guy during Kiss Cam!







One SUITE Game 011.jpg
One SUITE Game 014.jpgSean
and Emily both came down to say hi… it had been way too long since I’d seen either of them!!  You guys are the best! 

One SUITE Game 013.jpgMore yummy food!!!


GREAT seats.  GREAT food.  GREAT company.  GREAT game.


It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

My Top Ten List

Because of my new busy schedule with school, volleyball and grad school, I haven’t been able to work as many games as I would like lately.  However, I was finally able to get on the schedule for this past Wednesday night.  I was so excited at the thought of being back at the stadium, catching up with my long lost K Crew friends, and just enjoying the fans and everything about being at the game.  After school, I changed into my powder blue uniform so I would be ready to go right after volleyball practice.  All of my players enjoyed the Royals spirit and a couple of them even inquired about how to get on the K Crew.  Needless to say, I was SO excited about the game…and then I got a phone call from Emily as I was almost to the stadium to find out it was cancelled!!  I feel like most people get excited when they find out they don’t have to go in to work…but I was genuinely SAD!

I had planned on writing this blog about my first game back, but instead, I compiled a Top Ten list all about the amazing qualities of being K Crew member!!

Drumroll please…

Top Ten Reasons it’s a GREAT day to be a KCrew Member:

  1. We get to be at the stadium all the time.  I seriously just love being there so much!!
  2. All kinds of cool uniforms.
  3. We get paid to do things we’d do for free, i.e. cheer on the Royals, run in hot dog suits, etc…
  4. We get to meet all kinds of amazing exciting people, which this season has included David Cook, Emerson Drive and, of course, your Kansas City Royals!
  5. We get to hang out with Tim Scott.
  6. Tim Scott.jpgWe get to be on CrownVision, the world’s largest high definition video board! And occasionally on FSN!
  7. We get to launch t-shirts and hot dogs from the dugout!  There’s just something really exciting about hopping up onto those dugouts between innings!
  8. Tickets to the games.  (This should actually be on a separate list entitled, “Top Ten Reasons It’s GREAT to be friends/family with a K Crew Member.”)
  9. The opportunity to work with such exciting, talented people!  (I started to give a shout out here to some of my favorite people on K Crew but the list was basically THE ENTIRE GROUP!!! I LOVE MY FELLOW K CREW MEMBERS!!!)
  10. Just the feeling of being a part of such an exciting organization as the ROYALS!!!  There’s just a certain excitement and pride that comes with saying, “Yeah, I work for the Royals.”

Now after making this list, I’m really missing the best job ever, so there better be no rain in the forecast for Saturday or Sunday, because rain or shine, I’m going to The K!!!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…