March 2009

Gettin Glam

Monday night was the K Crew photo shoot at the stadium.  As I was driving into Kauffman Stadium, I could almost hear “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and feel the excitement of being up on the dugout in front of thousands of excited fans.  Every memory from last season came rushing back, and as I pulled into the parking lot to see new additions everywhere, I just could hardly contain my excitement that the season is less than a month away!!!

Before I tell you all about the glam and excitement of our photo shoot, I need to fill you in on some exciting events leading up to the photo shoot.

I want to share an excerpt from an email our boss sent out last week reminding us about the details for our photo shoot…

“Again, please wear your baseball tee and warm-up pants, and look awesome.”

I love that is my JOB to “look awesome.”   While I was preparing to “look awesome” on Monday afternoon with lots of mascara and hair spray, I was also Facebook chatting with Chris, a former K Crew member.  Talking to Chris made me remember just how very close I became with my teammates last season, and it made me wonder how it would be the same without some of my favorite people not able to return this year… Chris, Sean, Adam–you guys will absolutely be missed, and it will be so much harder to earn the title of “Biggest Flirt” without you boys.

7663.JPGLike I said before FanFest, last season just was so perfect, that I had this tiny fear that it just couldn’t be as amazing…but again, like at Fan Fest, my worries were put to rest the minute I walked into the lobby!  The girls were greeted with our brand new shoes, which are actually a whole lot cooler than the shoes from last year!  They’re cheerleading shoes, which I anticipate will give us a significant increase in our vertical while jumping up and down with the rally signs (as you can see by this picture of Tetiana showing off her cheerleader jumping skills).  Get excited, Royals fans.

After meeting our very impressive new additions to the team–Brian E, Tara, Jennifer, Kelly and Mallary–we headed downstairs for the glam of having our picture taken over and over and over again.  The girls realized that picture taking is a little more challenging for the boys, as they had to be corrected quite a few more times than we did!  Hahahaha, just teasing guys.  But seriously, special props to Megan W, Katie, Kirby, and Amy who joined me in the row that allowed us to get to be on our knees the entire time.  We realized after the 30th shot or so, that we picked the wrong row!

7161.JPGAll in all, it was a blast.  Everyone looked awesome (as instructed), and it was just exciting to get together once again.  After taking our individual shots, we also did a video shoot for CrownVision and all of the new LED boards around the K!  Basically we were standing in front of a camera smiling, waving, being excited at no one…except for the 20 other K Crew members standing in the background laughing at us.

I drove out of the stadium SO pumped and excited for this season.  I cannot wait to be out at the stadium throwing t-shirts, yelling/clapping “Let’s go Royals, let’s go!”, running in the hot dog race, watching the Royals WIN and, of course, hanging out with all of our crazy amazing fans!!!!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…