Last Day of School

Today is the last day of school.  The last final has been taken.  My last pencil has been borrowed to never be returned.  (Question number one:  Why do students steal my pencils?  Question number two:  Why does this make me so furious?)

On this last day, I wanted to share with you some things heard around the classroom of Miss Dyer that I would have to think are a bit unique to things heard around other teachers’ classrooms…

“Are you working tonight?  I’m going to be there, and I want a t-shirt!”

“Miss Dyer, who is pitching tonight?  Is it Greinke?”

“I saw you on the big screen last night interviewing that cop!  I told my parents- ‘That’s my teacher!'”

“Miss Dyer!  You were on the Royals dugout and didn’t give me a hot dog!!”

“Can I call you Erica this summer at games?”

And my favorite…

“Miss Dyer, was that your boyfriend that rode his motorcycle to school to see you last week?”
“Yeah, it was.”
“Everything about your life is so cool.  The Royals job, you’re pretty and funny, and your boyfriend comes here on a motorcycle.”

So, thank you Kansas City Royals for adding to my cool factor among high school students.  And now for some really cool pictures of some other really cool people…

There were lions everywhere!  Katie and I found Tate and Logan to pose for us with their lions.  As with most boys, we had to bribe them into our photo shoot though.  We promised them some pretty fun tattoos, and Katie even put them on for the guys!liond.JPGalmost done.JPG



bday girl.JPG



There was another lion up in the view level helping this cute Royals fan celebrate her birthday!  Lauren, Tetiana, Katie and I had fun spreading some birthday cheer!








Smile if you love the Royals!








For my live shot, I had the awesome opportunity to interview a police officer at the stadium.  It was quite a fun time, and he offered the fans some good advice – “Enjoy the game, and stay off the field!”  Well put!










These two handsome Royals fans are pretty special to me – it’s my dad and brother!




Happy last day of school, Grain Valley students.  I hope to see you guys at games all summer long.  And you know what?  I might even give you a Royals pencil.

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…


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