July 2009

Some VIPs at The K

Last homestand I had the pleasure of hanging out with some very important fans…young and old, spirited and MORE spirited, and even some local celebrities.  I’ll let these fine photos do the talking of one fantastic weekend at The K!




Before jumping on the dugouts to launch some t-shirts, we always look for excited fans to cheer with, and these guys certainly did not disappoint!IMG_6391.JPG 


This spirited couple just really made my day!  They were excited about the Royals, and they were also so appreciative and sweet when I gave them 40th anniversary pins.  Little did I know that I would get such a fine conversation in return!  Meeting them was certainly MY pleasure.IMG_6393.JPG




It’s Bryan Truta from 105.1 JACK FM!   And that lovely girl with him might just happen to be one of my favorite cousins!


I went from one celebrity to the next, as I got to meet the guy from Subway’s $5 Footlong commercial!  Crazy enough, we did not plan to have the “High Five” on CrownVision during our picture, but that worked out quite nicely.  I’m a huge fan of Subway, so I was glad to know this Subway commercial guy is a huge fan of my Royals!IMG_6395.JPG


This is a unique job in that it really never ends…as I was about to get in my car, these ridiculously good looking guys yelled, “ERICA DYER!!!”  So I went over to give four of my high school classmates some pretty sweet Royals tattoos!  Always fun to see fellow Odessa grads out supporting the Royals!IMG_6396.JPG



I always love Sundays at The K because we have so many cool things for kids going on, but this Sunday was SUPER SPECIAL, because these adorable kiddos aren’t just Royals fans–they’re my favorite little cousins!!!!!!




And here my favorite kiddos as TEENIE WIENIES!!!!  Chloie was looking pretty in the red…





While Hagan was taking a minute to tell me how excited he was to be MUSTARD…



Here’s a great picture of the Teenie Wienies during the time we like to call “Pre-Race Rules.”  Rule #1-  Stay off the field.  Rule #2-  Don’t fall down.  Rule #3- No pushing.  I love how attentive they are to Jennifer explaining the rules of the race!!!  Precious!






Hagan thought it was really funny to pretend to eat his sister.  Yummm.IMG_6417.JPG




Chlo was off flirting with some field crew…







While Josiah was preparing for the race!








And there they are–in costume and ready!  And who won??  Well, Hagan was MUSTering up the speed despite his heighth advantage, and Chloie started strong but couldn’t quite KETCHUP, so it was Josiah that got to RELISH in the victory!!!!!!  But really- they’re all three wieners…I mean winners in my book.

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

My Own Field Of Dreams

Last homestand, Katie and I were walking through the stands talking to fans, and I said to her, “No one really ever asks me to go to Royals games!  I want to be a fan at a game–it looks really fun.”  Katie wisely responded to my silly whining that my friends probably always assume if I’m not working that I don’t want to be at the game.  (NOTE TO MY FRIENDS:  THIS IS NOT TRUE!  I love this place so much that I absolutely will say yes to the cool tickets your boss or brother’s girlfriend’s uncle gave you, so invite me already.) 

Obviously, we have the coolest job at the stadium, but with all of the fan interaction sometimes I think each of us K Crew members has this longing to get to BE A FAN at the game!  We want to be the crazy fan shouting for the t-shirt or eating the hot dog instead of throwing them.  So you can imagine my crazy excitement as I jumped off of the Royals dugout to be greeted by my own Santa Claus with not just tickets for Saturday’s game, but CROWN CLUB tickets!!  Okay, so it wasn’t Santa Claus that greeted me, but actually someone way cooler–Mr. Dan Glass!

If you’ve been reading “Extra Innings with the K Crew” since last season, you’ll remember that I found out last September that the readership of my blog doesn’t just consist of my friends and family, but extends to such distinguished readers such as Mr. Glass.  When he approached me at the game, I was again so very flattered to know he’s been reading again this season.  He offered me his tickets for my family for the Fourth of July and then extended a challenge for me to give a second set of tickets to a most deserving fan or family.

Obviously, I accepted this offer with such gratitude and excitement–not only had my wish of wanting someone to ask me to go to a game came true, but it was the President of the Royals giving me HIS seats!!!!  Our bosses here at the stadium are constantly reminding us that someone is always watching us…whether we’re on the dugout, doing a promotion, talking to a fan or just walking from one location to the next.  Well, after me proclaiming my desire to come to a game as a fan in the 3rd inning and then being handed tickets in the 7th inning, I kind of started to wonder if someone can always hear us, too!  “If you ask for them, they will come…”  This place REALLY is my field of dreams!

Mr. Glass, thank you again for reading and just for taking the time to connect with someone as small as a K Crew member that is just so honored to be a part of your ball club.  My mom, dad, boyfriend, and I were so extremely appreciative  for the opportunity to celebrate our nation’s Independence Day at my favorite place in all the world–Kauffman Stadium!!!! 

See pictures below of my favorite Fourth of July EVER!!!!!




It’s fun to know people, because our photographer spotted me as I was walking in the gates and took this great picture of us walking in.IMG_6281.JPG



Entering the most amazing Crown Club!!!!!!  This place is seriously so nice and amazing and full of DELICIOUS food!




Prime rib was on the menu for the pre-game meal.  Yum!



I made sure to save room for all of those amazing ballpark treats, too!  Midwest Airlines chocolate chip cookies and nachos–these are the snacks I always get a little jealous seeing fans eat during the game!

Yeah Royals.jpg


Chris found us again and snapped a great shot of us in the super comfy cushioned seats!  We were SO CLOSE to the game.  It was INCREDIBLE!!!






And I saved my favorite picture for last… knowing people is always a good thing, but knowing CAMERA GUYS is the best.  My favorite camera guy, Jordan- made a lifelong dream of mine come true by putting me on KISS CAM!!!!!!






The seats were unbelievable, the food was delicious, the atmosphere was so much fun, the company was great, Kiss Cam was soooo exciting and WE WON!!!!!  It was seriously the best Fourth of July EVER.

And I couldn’t say this with any more sincerity or excitement–
It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals FAN…

Picture Proof

Today I had the opportunity to be at Kauffman Stadium on a non-gameday.  When I first got hired a couple of years ago, I can remember walking into the stadium when no one was there and feeling so incredibly cool and important and just in complete awe of the moment.  Well, it’s two years and hundreds of games later, and I still get that excited “oh my goodness, this is so cool” feeling when I get to be at the stadium on a random Wednesday afternoon. 

This particular visit was especially exciting because I was assisting Sluggerrr for one of his appearances.  It was a great time, and I was just super impressed with Sluggerrr’s ability to charm a crowd of people with such enthusiasm and ease…without ever saying a word!  It was also a rather cool and surreal moment when I added “Sluggerrr” to my phone contacts…hands down, my new favorite contact in my phone book.

This past homestand was pretty crazy amazing.  I know I say this all of the time, but I seriously have THE coolest job in all the world.  Here are a few pictures of proof from this past seven-game homestand…

Black Jack.jpgJack was one of the most excited fans I’ve met.  He was not only enthusiastic and cheering for the Royals, but he knows what he is talking about, too!  From the players to the game of baseball, Jack is one knowledgeable fan!!!  Not to mention ADORABLE!  Thanks for dancing with me to Garth, Jack!!  Katie and I were walking down to get on a dugout, when these two awesome Royals fans caught my attention.  I heard little Maili say, “See Dad, it’s Erica and Katie!”  IMG_0251.jpgShe had seen us walking by earlier and remembered our names.  I was pretty impressed with this.  And if I wasn’t already excited about these fans, Aodhan piped up and said to me, “You have pretty hair.”  It had been kind of a stressful night and his sweet comment just really made me smile.  Thanks for not only being so sweet, but also such spirited Royals fans!!!  And Aodhan- I saw you dancing on CrownVision later in the game–nice moves, man!IMG_6279.JPG



Amy and I were relaxing before the big race.  I’m sure John Deere will be calling soon to have us be their new models with our color coordination going on.6133_513510684564_125300196_30656730_6447769_n.jpg





Much thanks to my good friend, Jennifer, who captured this action shot of the Hot Dog Derby!  I love it when my friends are at games, and on this particular night there were lots of my favorite people all over the sold-out stadium!






It’s pretty cool that literally one of my favorite places in all the world is also where I work.  I just love being at the stadium so much…sold out on a Friday night with fireworks or empty and quiet on Wednesday afternoon assisting Sluggerrr.

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

PS:  Coming soon–pictures and details from a very special game where I had the incredible opportunity to be at the stadium… as a fan!!!