November 2009

2010 K Crew Announced

The 2010 K Crew auditions were held at Kauffman Stadium on Saturday.  We had more people audition than ever before!  Thanks to everyone who auditioned for the 2010 team! 

The new team has just been announced!  Returning will be myself, Kelly, Kristen, Lauren, Mallary, Megan, Nikki and Tetiana.  Our rookies for the 2010 season are Chelsea, Danaya, Ebonee, Katie, Kristina, Samantha, Sandra and Taylor.

Congrats to everyone!  I can’t wait to see everyone again at our first meeting in a couple weeks!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…


Top Ten Signs Im in Love with the Royals

Generally when I’m writing these fun blogs, I reference heading to my favorite place in all the world, but today I am going to begin by referencing heading to one of my very LEAST favorite places in all the world…and that would be the dentist.

Yesterday afternoon I had a dentist appointment, and I just hate going there.  It’s literally the opposite of how I feel when I’m driving up to the stadium–I get angry, annoyed and a little anxiety as opposed to the happy, excited and eager feeling I have driving up to The K.  And here’s the worst part–my dentist is AMAZING!

They are a husband and wife team of dentists with a beautiful office with TVs at every chair for your comfort and enjoyment.  They have friendly staff (yes, this is a shout out to you, Lesley!) and just make the experience as pleasant as possible…AND I STILL HATE GOING!  That is really sad, but here’s the happy news–Dr. Hanneman and Dr. Ward are HUGE Royals fans!  As in season-ticket-holder-kind of awesome excited fans!  Being there yesterday and them asking me about the Royals and my job was a reminder that I needed to update my favorite blog!  Thanks for the reminder, Dr. Ward–and I’m sorry that I don’t get as excited coming to your place of work as you do coming to mine!

If Dr. Ward’s inquiry about my Royals job wasn’t enough of a reminder that it was time to update this blog, there was another reminder for me at Barnes and Noble.  Bonnie (my friend who is of course also a huge Royals fan) and I were shopping when we ran into an old friend of hers that I had met just a couple of times a few years ago.  As I was struggling to remember her name, she and her husband go, “Erica!  We see you all the time at the stadium!!  You’re all over that place!!!  We’re always so excited to say we know you!”  And yes- this is the part where I feel a little famous and walk out of Barnes and Noble with my excited “I’m associated with the Royals and people I don’t know recognize me” walk.  (It’s a little happier and a little taller than my “I’m a teacher and kids never listen to my instructions the first time” walk.)

Because I’m missing my Royals and missing my favorite job EVER (and I’ve had really cool jobs, so don’t take that claim lightly, because the amazingly cool jobs this one had to compete with include: a camp counselor who lived in a teepee at Kanakuk Kamps for 6 weeks, motivational speaker, tour guide, student caller to convince little old ladies to give our college money, an AFTERdark event director, speaker for FCA, AND don’t forget the 6 summers of saving lives poolside…my point being–this job is THAT awesome to conquer all of those crazy cool jobs) and missing the joy that is being on the dugout or getting fans clapping, I’ve decided to share with you…


10.  When asked my favorite color, I always say, “Blue.  Royal blue.”

9.  I brush my teeth with a Royals toothbrush from the Royals TeamSmile event. 

8.  Any small talk that I have with my principals, colleagues, students always starts with either, “Are you working the game tonight?”  or  “I saw you on the big screen last night!”  or  “So what about those Royals?”

7.  Every time I drive by the stadium, no matter who I’m with, I start chanting, “Let’s go Royals! Clap, clap, clap clap clap!” 

6.  When people ask me what I do for a living, I always say, “I work for the Kansas City Royals.”  Never mind the actual career I have that actually pays the bills.  And I always say this in the most casual way possible when in reality I’m still SO excited about this fact!

5.  The gifts my friends and family get from me almost always have some sort of Royals correlation…tickets, hats, shirts, temporary tattoos, 40th anniversary pins!

4.  As it often is, my profile picture on Facebook was one from me at the stadium, and my best friend from growing up posted this on my wall:

I love this picture of you. 🙂 Someone I know went to a Royals game recently and when I heard them say it, I thought of you. 🙂 Also, everytime I drink a Pepsi I think about you too, b/c it says something about the K on the can. 🙂

It is SO VERY EXCITING to me that people, such as my old BFF Tiffanie, associate ME with the Royals!!!!

3.  I want to get married at the stadium.

2.  Go back and read number 3 again.  I am serious.  As in so serious that I’ve even thought about the details and the invitations I’d send out that would say, “Every kiss begins at The K!” 

And the number one sign that I’m in love with the Royals is…

1.  I really believe that next year at this very time, I won’t be writing a blog about MISSING being on the dugout, but I WILL BE ON THE DUGOUT cheering on our boys in blue, because we’ll still be playing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…