June 2010

Friday Night Excitement

Written by K Crew’s Megan.


Bright lights. Enthusiastic fans. Fireworks. There is something so euphoric about Friday Night games at The K.  Last Friday was no different.  Whether you are there for work or to enjoy a baseball game, walking in to the stadium on a Friday night has a way of putting a smile on just about anyone’s face.

CIMG0079.jpgWith smiles already on, an extra boost of excitement was added upon hearing who would be gracing Royals fans with their presence.  While we love all of our Royals fans and think they are all beyond amazing, it is not every day big-time celebrities attend a baseball game at The K.  Many whispers and questions were asked by fans wondering if Will Ferrell was really in the third base dugout suite.  It was so fun to say, “Yes! He actually is here tonight!”

Along with the beloved Will Ferrell was Paul Rudd, Jason Sudeikis, Horatio Sanz and Rob Riggle.  With these great guys being in the dugout suite, seeing them from afar was our only real option.  During the 8th inning, Sandy, Kelly, Kristina, Taylor and I all got the opportunity to change that.  Walking excitedly to the dugout suite with camera in hand, we were all ready for our celebrity encounter.  Between the five guys, they made us feel like we were the celebrities, yelling “Hey, it’s the K Crew!!!” 
CIMG0077.jpgCheering as we walked in, they were no different than the awesome fans sitting up in the view level.  They were courteous to take pictures with us, letting us know that it would look best with one K Crew member between each of them!

Everyone eagerly accepted tattoos and pins, especially Paul Rudd’s four-year-old son, Jack.  He was SO excited to be at the baseball game, exclaiming that Sluggerrr came down and even gave him an autograph just for him.  Jack was beyond adorable and even more lovable when he admitted, “Sluggerrr and the Royals are the greatest and bestest in baseball.”  While hanging out with Paul Rudd’s little boy I had to drop in that myself and one other K Crew girl went to the same high school as he and Jason (Go Vikings!), telling him that’s my claim to fame! They were overzealous talking about the ‘”good ol’ days from high school”!

300_8278a.jpgAll of these men have made appearances on Saturday Night Live, blockbuster movies and popular TV shows.  While they are all funny business most of the time, that was not the case on Friday night.  With three of the five hailing from the Overland Park area, Royals baseball and Kansas City is home to them.  Coming back to help out and give back to the community was not only an option but also a necessity.  They all participated in the Big Slick Poker Tournament on Saturday to raise money for Children’s Mercy Hospital.

D20_7641.jpgWhile the opportunity to throw the first pitch(s) and sing the Seventh Inning Stretch was enticing, coming back to Kansas City was important to them for more reasons then soaking up a Friday night game.  Showing the support and love for this great town, which holds many memories for them, was just one of the things these men do for others.


Time with the Fans

Between the school year ending (shout out here to my faves from Grain Valley High School), graduations, wedding planning, writing weekly columns for two local papers, seven bridal showers, more wedding planning, engagement pics, and keeping up with the 42 text messages and emails I get daily, I somehow didn’t have time to work last homestand!  So I was especially eager to be heading to the games this past homestand.  With as crazy and busy as my schedule is right now, I almost forgot how much I adore my favorite stadium in the whole world.  While this is officially a “job,” unofficially it’s like a sanctuary for me.  A place of excitement mixed with relaxing and enjoying America’s favorite pasttime.  I was so glad I made time to work this past homestand because being out there singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” was a breath of fresh air from the craziness that has become my life lately.

And as always, I had the opportunity to meet some incredibly awesome fans!  As a member of K Crew, our job this year has changed a little bit.  In the past, we were in charge of finding contestants for promotions and running those promotions throughout the game.  This year, Game Crew takes care of all of that, leaving our primary focus being fan interaction.  Yes, that means we get paid to hang out with YOU.  To cheer with you.  To high five everyone in the section when Billy Butler hits a home run.  To throw you hot dogs.  To give you tattoos and pins and most recently the new K Crew autograph card.  That is our job. 

Before I continue, I do want to give such a genuine and sincere shout out here to our awesome Game Crew.  They run the promotions with perfection and find such enthusiastic, great fans.  I had the pleasure of getting to know Matthew and Andrew a little better after I assisted them with DiGiorno Seat Upgrade, and I was so impressed with their execution of their job, but also the upbeat and excited attitude they had toward their role here at The K.  Thanks for all of your help Game Crew–we really appreciate all you guys do!

Because of their awesome work, we really do get to completely direct our energy and attention to you, our awesome and loyal fans.  I feel like it’s always “a great day to be a Royals fan” and be out at the stadium, but there are some nights that I especially feel a special connection with fans.  Last Tuesday night was one of those night.  Let me take you along a pictorial journey of my evening that led to me leaving and texting eight of my best friends, “I just had a really great K Crew night–I had the best talks with so many incredible fans!!” 

SDC12505.JPGMeet Adorable and Precious.  I mean do these two cute little ladies not just scream all that is adorable and precious?  They were so kind to even offer me a lick of one of their suckers.  I am all about fan interaction, but sharing suckers is about where I draw the line.  Thanks for the offer though girls, and most of all thanks for being such a great fans!!!




And now let me introduce you to more of my new friends, who are actually baseball stars themselves.  These two guys had their gloves ready and that is perhaps my favorite kind of fan.  Love it.




 This very special lady is Kathleen.  As I was getting ready to get up on the dugout for the Seventh Inning Stretch, I heard a confident voice starting a cheer of, “Let’s go Royals, let’s go!”  I turned around to see Kathleen on her feet completely getting those around her excited for her team!  I was so proud of her enthusiasm and passion for the Royals, that I just knew I had to throw my towel to her from the dugout.  She was so excited and appreciative.  Kathleen, keep up the awesome cheering and in a few years, you might just be taking my job up on the dugout!

SDC12506.JPGTuesday evening we had a request for appearance up in the Hy-Vee Level while we were all down on Field Level.  I heard through our radios that the request was for a 50th wedding anniversary, and as the bride-to-be and hopeless romantic that I am, I was just getting ready to volunteer via our radio for that appearance.  However, our boss knows me well and already was on the radio asking me if I wanted to go up there to do it!  The inning got busy, and as I was literally sprinting up the seven flights of stairs, I almost thought it might not be worth the time it was going to take to get up there and then back down for the next appearance I had.  Boy, was I wrong!  I get up to Norma and Gene’s section to see all of their family surrounding them for such a special celebration of their FIFTY years of marriage!  Kids, grandkids, friends…it was just such a sweet moment.  And THEN I saw Norma and Gene themselves who just couldn’t have looked more in love and sweet on each other as they must have 50 years ago before their “I dos.”  I had to tell them that my own “I dos” were just 20 days away, and they audibly shared their congratulations for me while everything about their body language and non-verbals shared an inspiration for me to achieve the commitment and work of celebrating 50 years with Ryan one day…and where else, but at The K!

In 50 years we shall come back to my favorite stadium to celebrate, but tomorrow we’re going to be out at The K for some engagement pictures!  When we first met with our photographer, we brainstormed special places we loved and naturally Kauffman Stadium was at the top of that list.  Tomorrow I will be at my favorite place in the world, with my favorite guy, taking pictures (for those that know me, you know that is another favorite of mine)…it almost sounds like a favorite movie of mine…Field of Dreams?  I think so!

Next week will feature a special blog with my new friend Flat Stanley!  Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come as you see Flat entering the game with me and my super sweet and amazing fellow K Crew girl, Chelsea!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…