Our Lives Outside of KCrew

Our lives outside of KCrew involve many things.  It’s exciting to share a part of my life with another KCrew member!

Sam and I are both enrolled in nursing school and we had the opportunity to travel to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala in January.  We were there for ten days and set up clinics in various villages across the country.  Every day we would see and assess 60-100 children.  Children and families do not have access to healthcare like we do here in the US.  So we basically gave them their “yearly check-up.” 

It was hard at first with the language barrier, but overtime we learned simple phrases like “abra su boca” (open your mouth) and “quitate los zapatos” (take off your shoes) which helped us in our assessments.  We traveled with translators and physicians which also made our job easier. Who knows how much harder the trip would have been without our wonderful translators!
The kids we saw in Guatemala ranged from needing some vitamins, to receiving visits from the doctor and needing further treatment that we couldn’t provide to them that day. Some of the kids stole our heart and some of the kids broke our hearts, we made an impact on each and every one of them. I don’t think we had one family who didn’t bless us or thank us for taking care of their children.
On our last day we got to tour the city of Antigua. We did lots of shopping and engaging with the culture!  After a long and challenging week of working with the children, it was so nice to let loose and have some well needed retail therapy. Experiencing the culture in the market was an awesome experience! Prices are not set down there like they are in America. You have to argue the price with the owner of the stand, sometimes saving 5, 10 or 20 dollars! Much different than shopping here!

The experience was something we will never forget! Those kids relied on us 100% for almost all the healthcare they will receive in a year. It’s amazing to step back for a week and see everything we have in the States and then see what people are missing in other parts of the world. It was truly unforgettable experience and I’m so lucky to have shared it with another KCrew member!
-Megan R. & Sam

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