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Smile Because It Happened

I’m horrible with endings.  I cried for a whole week after my first softball season was over in 4th grade, because I missed the practices and games so much.  Graduating both high school and college were super bittersweet for me, because I just always love whatever I’m doing, so I’m never ready for it to be over.  Well the same is absolutely true with my time with K Crew.  I have despised saying, “This is our last homestand” all week long.  It really feels like just yesterday we were all meeting for the first time at the photo shoot in January!  And almost to just make this ending even harder on me, there have been all sorts of people mentioning K Crew and the Royals to me lately…

One of my ASL students told me one day that she just mentioned I wrote a blog for the Royals and her mom said that she had already read it before!  Again, I’m so excited (and surprised) when I find out people are reading my blog!!  Thanks for the read, Shelby’s mom!

Another student told me one morning that he Googled me over the weekend–kind of random, I know–but he said he found my blog and thought it was really fun to read!

I had dinner with my dear friend Courtney on Sunday evening at the Columbia Applebee’s.  She sat down after me and said, “Did you request this table?”  I was confused until she pointed out the Royals jersey hanging right above our table!!!!  I think everything tastes better with the blue and white overhead!  Especially because I had just spent the weekend in St. Louis with a friend.  As we were driving by the stadium, Josh was pointing out the new Busch Stadium, and I commented, “It’s so weird seeing all that red in a stadium.”  He wasn’t too amused with my preference for a stadium of blue!  But seriously–seeing that jersey at Applebee’s made up for a weekend of too much red!

My assistant principal came in my room during my plan time the other day to tell me that he saw me at the game last homestand.  Yell at me next time, Mr. Tarrants!  I’ll always have a hot dog for my principal!

Here’s a picture of my Eagle Time students showing their excitement for my favorite baseball team!  My classroom has all kinds of Royals spirit!
Volleyball 007.jpg 

And as I’ve been working on this blog, who else would I see on a commercial but Sluggerrr talking to Katie Horner!  The Royals are all around me!!!!  And I LOVE it.  And this isn’t even including all the text messages I get when we’re winning and my friends are at the games.  I love getting messages asking, “Are you working tonight? Go Royals!!!”  Sixth win in a row last night… pretty exciting!!

Make you sure you get out to a game this homestand.  I’ll leave you with some words my mom once told me before the end of my basketball season in high school… “Erica- don’t cry because it’s over.  Smile because it happened.”

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…