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The Last Homestand…but not the last blog!

Sometimes life gets a little crazy, and I need reminders to update my favorite blog!  These reminders can come from a Post-It note on my desk at work,Picture 052.jpg sometimes from my boss here at the Royals, but my favorite reminders come from fans that are checking the blog…such as this super excited fan who dominated the Upper Deck Match Game!  Ryan, you were awesome, and I absolutely loved your very excited message and reminder to get this blog up!  Thanks for being such a great fan!!!!

Ryan was just one of many awesome fans that I encountered during our last homestand, so let me give some shout outs to some other pretty special fans…Picture_066.jpg

Katie and I are posing with our favorite fan from Argentina!!!  We made a super special delivery to give him a t-shirt for his excited Royals spirit!  Muchas gracias for cheering for the Royals while in the USA!!

Okay, so these next pictures aren’t fans, but just some really awesome people that contribute to making The K my favorite place in all the world…Picture_049.jpg

Here is Megan who started out the season as a fellow K Crew member, but as you can see from her snazzy clothes, she left the dugouts for an office job.  She’s genuinely one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and just such a pleasure to work with at The K.  Thanks for being so great and always so excited about the blog, Megan!

Picture 055.jpgAnd everyone knows this guy that I was so excited to catch by himself for a minute to snap a picture for the blog!  Thanks for the picture, Sluggerrr–you’re the best!  No one gets the stadium clapping like you do!  I feel so honored to get to work with you!

Picture 057.jpg

Now this next guy you might not recognize because he is behind the camera a lot, but you might have yelled, “HEY CAMERA MAN- GET ME ON SCREEN!” to him a couple of times this past season!  I believe I’ve mentioned Jordan in a previous blog because he is seriously the best.  I’ve had the extreme pleasure of working with him a lot this season, and he also does an excellent job at capturing the moments to put on CrownVision!  Jordan- you’re awesome…with the camera of course, Picture_046.jpgbut also with some great advice you dispersed to Megan and me that last homestand!  Thanks for such a fantastic season, and I can’t wait to see you next season!

And here is Tommy who was a huge help during my Live Shot out at the Royals Hall of Fame!  He stepped in and did the play by play for us at the “You Make the Call” interactive experience.  Super impressive, Tommy!

I saved these guys for last, because I especially liked something they said to me.  As I was walking around talking to fans, these guys caught my eye.  I know what you’re thinking–how could six ridiculously good looking guys NOT catch my eye?  Well, you’re right, but also because generally when we see groups, we try to ask if they’re celebrating something special that we can help celebrate with them with some tattoos or pins or maybe even just a loud annoucement!  Picture_043.jpgSo, I approached these rather handsome gentleman to inquire if there was a particular reason for their celebration…someone’s bachelor party or birthday maybe?  They all kind of laughed and said no, and I explained that I just figured they must be celebrating something…and that’s when one of these great Royals fans goes, “Well we are!  We’re here to celebrate the Royals!”

I couldn’t have put it better myself. 

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

P.S.  Just because the season is over, doesn’t mean the blogging fun has to stop!  I’ve actually already jotted down some notes for some blogs coming soon!  In fact, here’s a sneak peak at the fun that is yet to come–one super awesome top 10 list that you don’t want to miss, some reflections from my last game of the season and highlights from K Crew’s end of the season party and awards ceremony! 

Picture Proof

Today I had the opportunity to be at Kauffman Stadium on a non-gameday.  When I first got hired a couple of years ago, I can remember walking into the stadium when no one was there and feeling so incredibly cool and important and just in complete awe of the moment.  Well, it’s two years and hundreds of games later, and I still get that excited “oh my goodness, this is so cool” feeling when I get to be at the stadium on a random Wednesday afternoon. 

This particular visit was especially exciting because I was assisting Sluggerrr for one of his appearances.  It was a great time, and I was just super impressed with Sluggerrr’s ability to charm a crowd of people with such enthusiasm and ease…without ever saying a word!  It was also a rather cool and surreal moment when I added “Sluggerrr” to my phone contacts…hands down, my new favorite contact in my phone book.

This past homestand was pretty crazy amazing.  I know I say this all of the time, but I seriously have THE coolest job in all the world.  Here are a few pictures of proof from this past seven-game homestand…

Black Jack.jpgJack was one of the most excited fans I’ve met.  He was not only enthusiastic and cheering for the Royals, but he knows what he is talking about, too!  From the players to the game of baseball, Jack is one knowledgeable fan!!!  Not to mention ADORABLE!  Thanks for dancing with me to Garth, Jack!!  Katie and I were walking down to get on a dugout, when these two awesome Royals fans caught my attention.  I heard little Maili say, “See Dad, it’s Erica and Katie!”  IMG_0251.jpgShe had seen us walking by earlier and remembered our names.  I was pretty impressed with this.  And if I wasn’t already excited about these fans, Aodhan piped up and said to me, “You have pretty hair.”  It had been kind of a stressful night and his sweet comment just really made me smile.  Thanks for not only being so sweet, but also such spirited Royals fans!!!  And Aodhan- I saw you dancing on CrownVision later in the game–nice moves, man!IMG_6279.JPG



Amy and I were relaxing before the big race.  I’m sure John Deere will be calling soon to have us be their new models with our color coordination going on.6133_513510684564_125300196_30656730_6447769_n.jpg





Much thanks to my good friend, Jennifer, who captured this action shot of the Hot Dog Derby!  I love it when my friends are at games, and on this particular night there were lots of my favorite people all over the sold-out stadium!






It’s pretty cool that literally one of my favorite places in all the world is also where I work.  I just love being at the stadium so much…sold out on a Friday night with fireworks or empty and quiet on Wednesday afternoon assisting Sluggerrr.

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

PS:  Coming soon–pictures and details from a very special game where I had the incredible opportunity to be at the stadium… as a fan!!!




My hands hurt from clapping.  A small price to pay for such a big victory tonight at The K.

Before I get to the oh-so-exciting bottom of the ninth, let me take you to the K Crew Locker Room at about 5:00 PM for our pre-game meeting.  Upon entering our room, we all grab a schedule of the night’s events to scope out which promotion or pre-game responsibilty was assigned to us for the game.  Now as a reader of the K Crew blog, I’m going to let you in on some insider information here…while we love every fan and every seat in the house, there are some promotions and some responsiblities that are a little more glamorous than others. 

For example, the K Crew T-shirt Launch is always a blast, but there’s something a bit more exciting about being assigned “Royals Dugout.”  And on this very night, as I grabbed my script, I was feeling a little blue…and not just because we were wearing our powder blues.  Not only did I not get to see the top of a dugout all night, but after three games in a row of getting to do Live Shots on microphone for pre-game, I was pretty sad to see there would be no microphone in this K Crew member’s hand for the evening.

Instead I headed up to the View Level to find fans and use this opportunity to see a different perspective of pre-game.  It wasn’t five minutes after I was mingling around section 419 that I met a really special fan.  I found out that Adam was a really big Royals fan, however Adam wasn’t the fan that would be singing the National Anthem or down on the field for a pre-game interview.  You see, Adam couldn’t talk very well.  He also couldn’t walk so great either, but boy was he excited about the 40th Anniversary pin that I had for him.  I sat with him for about ten minutes…not really saying a whole lot, but just soaking in the joy of being at the ballpark.  The nice man that brought him to the game told me later that those ten minutes meant the world to him.  As I walked away from my new friend, I realized that I had just watched the Live Shots air on CrownVision while hanging out with Adam.  I smiled at the way things work sometimes.

Throughout the game, I had even more cool moments like the one with Adam.  I was able to hold an older woman’s purse for her while she fixed her jersey in the bathroom.  Katie and I had a great conversation with the Buck O’Neil Legacy Seat honoree. A little girl that I had taught in Vacation Bible School saw me and was so excited to get a high five from a “Royals girl.”  A friend of my dad’s recognized me and told me what a great job this was for me.  None of these moments were captured on screen, yet they were all super exciting to me. 

This job has many facets.  Yes, part of the job is being on camera and smiling while being the center of attention.  But there is more to K Crew than being in front of the fans.  Sometimes, the most important thing we can do is come alongside the fans.  Sit with them.  Talk to them.  Hear about the memories they have from games past.  Hold their purse.  Give them a high five. 

Somewhat parallel to my attitude for my role tonight, the game only got better and better at the end.  After the first home run in the bottom of the ninth, Katie and I exchanged a look that predicted that maybe, just maybe something big was about to happen.  And did it ever!!!!  Two homeruns, a triple and a WIN FOR THE ROYALS!!  As I was jumping up and down, screaming, high fiving and hugging every fan in sight, I caught a glimpse of the quote on the back of the shirts we gave away tonight for T-Shirt Tuesday.  There were 20,000 of them in the stadium, but it wasn’t until that very moment that I REALLY read the profound words: 

“Play for the name on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.”

As a coach’s daughter, my dad has raised me with this “big team, little me” attitude since I was old enough to throw a ball.  But sometimes we need reminders.  Tonight was my reminder.  As a K Crew TEAM member, there are a lot of roles to fill, but in the end, it’s not about the name on the back of my jersey.  It’s the one on the front that is important.  And you know what?  The name on the front of my jersey isn’t “K Crew.”  It’s ROYALS.  Tonight was a big win… not for me, not for K Crew, but for the ROYALS.  I’m just proud to be a part of this team.

It’s a GREAT day to be Royals fan…


Opening Week at The New K

You’d think after hearing, “I saw you on CrownVision Saturday night!!!!” from students, teachers, friends, my principal, relatives, friends of relatives, more students and the random QuikTrip worker that potentially I’d get tired of it.  But no.  Not even one bit actually.

A coach just stopped me in the teacher’s lounge to ask me how the season was going so far and if I enjoyed it as much as I did last year.  I gave him such an earnest and sincere, “YES! It’s actually even MORE fun!”  Homestand #1 was nothing short of incredible.

Let me take you back to before the gates opened on Friday to the rehearsals.  Here’s where I must admit that all last week I really enjoyed when someone asked, “Erica, what are you doing tonight?”  Then I got to answer (casually and non-chalant, of course), “Oh, you know, I’ve just got rehearsals at the stadium, no big deal.”  When really I think it IS a really big deal!!  Ah, I loved every minute (and there were quite a few minutes, as we were there until almost 11:00PM a couple of nights) of being out on the field getting everything perfect and polished for Opening Day! 

IMG_5937.JPGIn addition to learning about the new stadium and reviewing promotions, this was also some quality bonding time for the new K Crew.  I can barely articulate via this keyboard how much I adore the people I will be spending this season working alongside!  It is such an excited, fun, talented, hilarious group of people.  At this point I would normally give individual shout outs to cool people I like, except that it’s everyone!  Oh wait – I do need to give a shout out to the brilliant wardrobe selection of Mallary for our rehearsal Wednesday night.

I’m going to let the pictures (along with my fun little captions) tell you the story that was Homestand #1 in the new and improved Kauffman Stadium… 




Here are us ladies having some pre-rehearsal dinner!  We’re a little more lady-like out on the job than we are eating our sandwiches…DSC06331[1].JPG




Here is my most lovely partner for Opening Day – Miss Lauren and I had so much fun with our Season Ticket Holders!




Katie, Lauren, Megan Q and I are showing off our K Crew Seventh Inning Stretch towels!  I love these girls!







Katie and I taking a time out on Opening Day for one fun photo op!




 And here’s a look inside K Crew’s pre-game activities…





We study our scripts.








We eat some yummy food.  (Sometimes people get Amy and I confused!)




 Back to the real action…




Look at these very spirited girls that are all decked out for the Royals!!!







I had the opportunity to meet the Buck O’Neil Legacy Seat Honoree.







Megan Q. and I had the pleasure of dancing with this cute cowboy during the Garth Brooks sing along…





Just last night, I was at dinner with five guys who were all SUPER excited about the Royals.  I mean they knew statistics, batting averages, personal information…one of them even knew how to correctly spell Sluggerrr with three Rs and all (I’m still impressed, Devan).  Being around these guys and answering all of their questions about players, the stadium and my job just really made me appreciate all over again what an incredible opportunity I have to be a part of such an exciting organization as the Kansas City Royals.  I’ve said it before, and you can bet I’ll say it again…

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

Gettin Glam

Monday night was the K Crew photo shoot at the stadium.  As I was driving into Kauffman Stadium, I could almost hear “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and feel the excitement of being up on the dugout in front of thousands of excited fans.  Every memory from last season came rushing back, and as I pulled into the parking lot to see new additions everywhere, I just could hardly contain my excitement that the season is less than a month away!!!

Before I tell you all about the glam and excitement of our photo shoot, I need to fill you in on some exciting events leading up to the photo shoot.

I want to share an excerpt from an email our boss sent out last week reminding us about the details for our photo shoot…

“Again, please wear your baseball tee and warm-up pants, and look awesome.”

I love that is my JOB to “look awesome.”   While I was preparing to “look awesome” on Monday afternoon with lots of mascara and hair spray, I was also Facebook chatting with Chris, a former K Crew member.  Talking to Chris made me remember just how very close I became with my teammates last season, and it made me wonder how it would be the same without some of my favorite people not able to return this year… Chris, Sean, Adam–you guys will absolutely be missed, and it will be so much harder to earn the title of “Biggest Flirt” without you boys.

7663.JPGLike I said before FanFest, last season just was so perfect, that I had this tiny fear that it just couldn’t be as amazing…but again, like at Fan Fest, my worries were put to rest the minute I walked into the lobby!  The girls were greeted with our brand new shoes, which are actually a whole lot cooler than the shoes from last year!  They’re cheerleading shoes, which I anticipate will give us a significant increase in our vertical while jumping up and down with the rally signs (as you can see by this picture of Tetiana showing off her cheerleader jumping skills).  Get excited, Royals fans.

After meeting our very impressive new additions to the team–Brian E, Tara, Jennifer, Kelly and Mallary–we headed downstairs for the glam of having our picture taken over and over and over again.  The girls realized that picture taking is a little more challenging for the boys, as they had to be corrected quite a few more times than we did!  Hahahaha, just teasing guys.  But seriously, special props to Megan W, Katie, Kirby, and Amy who joined me in the row that allowed us to get to be on our knees the entire time.  We realized after the 30th shot or so, that we picked the wrong row!

7161.JPGAll in all, it was a blast.  Everyone looked awesome (as instructed), and it was just exciting to get together once again.  After taking our individual shots, we also did a video shoot for CrownVision and all of the new LED boards around the K!  Basically we were standing in front of a camera smiling, waving, being excited at no one…except for the 20 other K Crew members standing in the background laughing at us.

I drove out of the stadium SO pumped and excited for this season.  I cannot wait to be out at the stadium throwing t-shirts, yelling/clapping “Let’s go Royals, let’s go!”, running in the hot dog race, watching the Royals WIN and, of course, hanging out with all of our crazy amazing fans!!!!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…


My Top Ten List

Because of my new busy schedule with school, volleyball and grad school, I haven’t been able to work as many games as I would like lately.  However, I was finally able to get on the schedule for this past Wednesday night.  I was so excited at the thought of being back at the stadium, catching up with my long lost K Crew friends, and just enjoying the fans and everything about being at the game.  After school, I changed into my powder blue uniform so I would be ready to go right after volleyball practice.  All of my players enjoyed the Royals spirit and a couple of them even inquired about how to get on the K Crew.  Needless to say, I was SO excited about the game…and then I got a phone call from Emily as I was almost to the stadium to find out it was cancelled!!  I feel like most people get excited when they find out they don’t have to go in to work…but I was genuinely SAD!

I had planned on writing this blog about my first game back, but instead, I compiled a Top Ten list all about the amazing qualities of being K Crew member!!

Drumroll please…

Top Ten Reasons it’s a GREAT day to be a KCrew Member:

  1. We get to be at the stadium all the time.  I seriously just love being there so much!!
  2. All kinds of cool uniforms.
  3. We get paid to do things we’d do for free, i.e. cheer on the Royals, run in hot dog suits, etc…
  4. We get to meet all kinds of amazing exciting people, which this season has included David Cook, Emerson Drive and, of course, your Kansas City Royals!
  5. We get to hang out with Tim Scott.
  6. Tim Scott.jpgWe get to be on CrownVision, the world’s largest high definition video board! And occasionally on FSN!
  7. We get to launch t-shirts and hot dogs from the dugout!  There’s just something really exciting about hopping up onto those dugouts between innings!
  8. Tickets to the games.  (This should actually be on a separate list entitled, “Top Ten Reasons It’s GREAT to be friends/family with a K Crew Member.”)
  9. The opportunity to work with such exciting, talented people!  (I started to give a shout out here to some of my favorite people on K Crew but the list was basically THE ENTIRE GROUP!!! I LOVE MY FELLOW K CREW MEMBERS!!!)
  10. Just the feeling of being a part of such an exciting organization as the ROYALS!!!  There’s just a certain excitement and pride that comes with saying, “Yeah, I work for the Royals.”

Now after making this list, I’m really missing the best job ever, so there better be no rain in the forecast for Saturday or Sunday, because rain or shine, I’m going to The K!!!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

My Favorite People

I’m sitting at my friend Bonnie’s apartment while her and my friend Jennifer are playing Guitar Hero.  The song they are rocking out to is “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” and I literally felt like I needed to be on the dugout reaching into my bag to be throwing a t-shirt out for the K Crew T-shirt Launch!!!  It was so crazy how hearing that song just completely me put me in the mood to be getting my K Crew on!  It also was a friendly reminder to me that I needed to be updating the blog! 

The last homestand was a great time with a ton of awesome promotional giveaways.  It also was a week of extremes from some crazy rainy weather to some intense heat!  I worked five games in a row and even with the extreme weather, I was seriously just more and more excited to be at the stadium with each game.  Every game, we are partnered up with someone for the night, and in those five games I worked with some of my very favorite people!  Here are some pictures from one of the rainy nights we had last homestand…

Rainy_Royals_002.jpgI always enjoy working with Adam!  He does a great job at not passing a single kid without making them feel so special and excited to be at the game!  And no one has more enthusiasm for RELISHHHH than Adam!




Rainy_Royals_001.jpgThese are some fun guys that I had the pleasure of dancing to Garth with… they were really wanting to get on CrownVision, but we didn’t make it on there that night, so I promised them a shout out on the blog!  Thanks for the dance, guys!



Rainy_Royals_003.jpgThese are four of my very favorite K Crew members!!!!  I just can’t say enough how as a group, K Crew just has so much fun together… whether we’re on the dugout, doing a promotion, or eating together in the locker room… things are always such a good time with the K Crew!



Rainy_Royals_004.jpgThis was our girls only picture because it was Girls Night Out at the K!!  What a fun night!  And oh yes, that’s our amazing singer Kirby in the picture–every time she sings, I’m more and more impressed and hear from so many of our fans how much they enjoy her leading the Seventh Inning Stretch!  Keep it up, Juno… I mean Kirby!

Things are about to get exciting again at the stadium as we’re coming home from sweeping the A’s in Oakland for the first time in 20 years!  Tonight starts our three game homestand with the White Sox with Buck Night and Fireworks Friday.  And you don’t want to miss Military Appreciation Day with our Camo Cap Giveaway tomorrow!

And Bonnie and Jennifer are still going at “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” and I still can’t wait to be up on the dugouts tomorrow night hitting YOU with my best shot!! 

I’ve said it before, and I’ll certainly say it again…
It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

The Best Place in the World

Game three of a short homestand with the Texas Rangers proved to be victorious!  It was a short but sweet three game homestand here at the K

Aaron and I were just talking Tuesday evening how coming to the stadium is almost an escape from everything else going on in life.  Whether it’s work or relationships or whatever else is a little stressful in life, it’s almost as if when you walk in the gates of the stadium, life just slows down a little bit in a really great way.  There are so many things I love about being at the K… the smell of ballpark hotdogs, the fun music, the nice weather, but most of all are all the incredibly friendly and great people.

I feel like everyone is always in a good mood… from the nice lady that scans my parking pass to the optimistic guy that always says, “Going to be a good game today” as I walk in Gate B to the sweet lady that makes the bathroom so nice and pretty to the courteous event staff men who open the doors for me. 

You might think I’m making this up, but these are seriously the people that I encounter every single game as I’m walking to the K Crew Locker Room!  That is not even to mention the amazing people I am greeted by upon walking into our room… just today, I walked in a little bit late to find Tyler had rolled some extra t-shirts that he shared with me.

DSC02203.JPGThat also doesn’t go to mention the incredible quality people I’ve had the opportunity to meet while assisting with the Buck O’Neil Legacy Seat.  Every single game, I have the most inspiring and heartfelt conversations with such impressive servants of our community.

These adorable girls with their super sparkly homemade signs are yet another example of the excited and enthusiastic fans that make life better at the K.  They did a great job of cheering throughout the entire game!  Future K Crew girls… I think so!

I think some people get stressed out going to work.  Not me.  Come to the K.  Watch the best game in the world, baseball, with the best people in the world, Kansas Citians, on the largest HD video board in the world, CrownVision.  It’s got to be the best place in the world. 

Leave it to the Royals to bring the team to you even when the Boys in Blue are playing in St. Louis.  Come down to the Power and Light District in Downtown Kansas City on Tuesday, June 17, for a Royals Watch Party.  We’ll have all kinds of entertainment (including the K Crew, of course), and you can watch the game on the video board above the KC Live! stage.  It will be a fabulously good time for Royals fans of all ages!  See you there!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

Royals Fever Sweeps Through KC

I logged into Facebook this afternoon to find the following three status updates in my newsfeed…

Jackie Kitterman…ROYALS!! :)…that’s a sweep!

Jimmy Peddicord…Royals are 3 and 0!

Brady Madsen predicts 162-0. Just 159 to go.

Brigade Game.jpgRoyals fever is in the air, and I could not be more excited about having the opportunity to be part of this team.  The fever was evident last weekend when the K Crew visited a Brigade game at the Sprint Center.  Fans went crazy when they saw the K Crew armed with T-Shirts.  Even the fans at the Brigade game knew it was time for baseball season and the K Crew T-Shirt Launch.

Just Tuesday night, we had our walk-through before the big home opener, which is just FIVE days away.  We had another photo shoot before learning everything you can imagine about Kauffman Stadium.  I’m not going to lie–it was a tiny bit overwhelming, but there was something extremely exciting about walking up onto the field that night.  The lights were on, CrownVision was looking incredible, the grass was freshly cut…  As I looked around at everyone stepping onto the field, I think we were all feeling the excitement and honor of being a K Crew member.

Beachamps.JPGNot only does the K Crew bring excitement and honor, but also celebrity.  To benefit the Autism Alliance, Jacqueline and Kristin were celebrity servers tonight at Beauchamp’s on the Rail in Lee’s Summit.  Other celebrity servers included Kansas City Chiefs players.  The news and excitement of the Royals’ sweep over Detroit filled the restaurant. 

After the game today, I text messaged a friend of mine all excited about the sweep.  He first wrote back, “Haha yes, I’m proud you heard!”  This was him thinking he’s funny because in the past, I haven’t always been as up to date with Royals knowledge as I’m certainly going to be this year!  He then went on to write, “I know, I’m definitely excited about their season. What a good year to be a K Crew member!”

With everyone around me so excited about the team, it makes everything I’m getting to do that much more exciting–from putting on our jerseys to having the opportunity to spend these “extra innings” with you!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…