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What a Small World

I know I’ve said it before, but I really do just get to meet the most wonderful people that we honor with the Buck O’Neil Legacy Seat.  Just yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet Liz Arnold who has volunteered for more than 15 years for Dream Factory.  This organization is completely volunteer based and helps makes dreams come true for children that are very ill.

Yeah John Deere Mow Em Down Race 013.jpgLiz brought her husband and two friends along, and as I first met her friend Edna, I thought she looked familiar.  As we began talking, Liz mentioned how Edna’s son is a quadriplegic.  I told her that was interesting because I had just got back from seeing my boyfriend who is riding his bike across the country to raise awareness for people with disabilities. 

As I started to tell her more about PUSH America and Journey of Hope, Liz excitedly pointed out that she knew all about Journey of Hope because Edna’s son, Mark, was the host in Olathe!  Not only had I just met Mark the day before, but I had even toured his home and learned all about how he lives all on his own.  I left Mark’s house completely inspired by his motivation and desire to accomplish so many things when it would be so much easier to just allow someone else to do them for you.

Edna told me she thought she recognized me when I first came over to talk to them about the Buck O’Neil Legacy Seat.  It was such an exciting realization of what a small world it is, and yet another example of the incredible people I get to meet as a member of K Crew

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…