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Royals FanFest Heats Up Baseball Fever

Royals fans never cease to amaze me. It can be 105 in July or -5 in January, they still have huge hearts for their team. It was the dead of winter with a solid foot of snow on the ground a couple weeks ago and Royal’s fans still came to support our beloved baseball team.  January 20-22 was an event-filled weekend, jam packed with autograph signings, giveaways, player interviews, and plenty of games to go around.

DSCN0255.JPGFanFest is a wonderful opportunity for fans to meet the players in a more personal setting. It provides a chance for young kids to meet their idols and gain autographs to store in their collection. It allows for the die hard Royals fans to meet and greet with new additions to the roster. And for some, like me, it gives us the chance to become even more excited about the much anticipated baseball season.

Sporting our royal blue shorts and white baseball jerseys for the weekend, it was a great getaway from this dreadful weather.  We all got to watch so many talented drum lines, dance teams, and acrobatic groups. It is amazing the talent that surrounds us in Kansas City. FanFest is a great opportunity for these talents to shine.

Along with the opportunity to see some of our favorite players again, it gave us, the KCrew, a chance to see each other again and hang out with the new girls. DSCN0239.JPGThis year there are 11 veterans and 5 rookies. With an 81 game schedule, we all become like sisters. During the summer, I see these girls more than I see my own family. We all have a great time together and get along so well. Come October, it is a bittersweet ending to the season. Thankfully, FanFest acts as a family reunion for us. I cannot wait to spend the summer with all these lovely ladies.

In addition to seeing the KCrew girls, it was great to see so many familiar faces at FanFest. I love seeing our season ticket holders wearing their hats filled with collectible pins and I love meeting so many new faces who are as excited for the season as we are.

While FanFest is a great weekend, it is quite a teaser for baseball season. I love my college football and basketball, but I could really go for some baseball under the bright lights. See you all in 50 days (and counting)!! 

Go Royals!

-Megan Q.

Gettin Glam

Monday night was the K Crew photo shoot at the stadium.  As I was driving into Kauffman Stadium, I could almost hear “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and feel the excitement of being up on the dugout in front of thousands of excited fans.  Every memory from last season came rushing back, and as I pulled into the parking lot to see new additions everywhere, I just could hardly contain my excitement that the season is less than a month away!!!

Before I tell you all about the glam and excitement of our photo shoot, I need to fill you in on some exciting events leading up to the photo shoot.

I want to share an excerpt from an email our boss sent out last week reminding us about the details for our photo shoot…

“Again, please wear your baseball tee and warm-up pants, and look awesome.”

I love that is my JOB to “look awesome.”   While I was preparing to “look awesome” on Monday afternoon with lots of mascara and hair spray, I was also Facebook chatting with Chris, a former K Crew member.  Talking to Chris made me remember just how very close I became with my teammates last season, and it made me wonder how it would be the same without some of my favorite people not able to return this year… Chris, Sean, Adam–you guys will absolutely be missed, and it will be so much harder to earn the title of “Biggest Flirt” without you boys.

7663.JPGLike I said before FanFest, last season just was so perfect, that I had this tiny fear that it just couldn’t be as amazing…but again, like at Fan Fest, my worries were put to rest the minute I walked into the lobby!  The girls were greeted with our brand new shoes, which are actually a whole lot cooler than the shoes from last year!  They’re cheerleading shoes, which I anticipate will give us a significant increase in our vertical while jumping up and down with the rally signs (as you can see by this picture of Tetiana showing off her cheerleader jumping skills).  Get excited, Royals fans.

After meeting our very impressive new additions to the team–Brian E, Tara, Jennifer, Kelly and Mallary–we headed downstairs for the glam of having our picture taken over and over and over again.  The girls realized that picture taking is a little more challenging for the boys, as they had to be corrected quite a few more times than we did!  Hahahaha, just teasing guys.  But seriously, special props to Megan W, Katie, Kirby, and Amy who joined me in the row that allowed us to get to be on our knees the entire time.  We realized after the 30th shot or so, that we picked the wrong row!

7161.JPGAll in all, it was a blast.  Everyone looked awesome (as instructed), and it was just exciting to get together once again.  After taking our individual shots, we also did a video shoot for CrownVision and all of the new LED boards around the K!  Basically we were standing in front of a camera smiling, waving, being excited at no one…except for the 20 other K Crew members standing in the background laughing at us.

I drove out of the stadium SO pumped and excited for this season.  I cannot wait to be out at the stadium throwing t-shirts, yelling/clapping “Let’s go Royals, let’s go!”, running in the hot dog race, watching the Royals WIN and, of course, hanging out with all of our crazy amazing fans!!!!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…


K Crew Video Blog

Hello K Crew Fans!  I wanted to take a minute and tell you about our new video blog.  K Crew members Brian and Keith will be producing a K Crew video blog during the 2009 season.  It’s just another way for you to keep track of the Royals and the K Crew!

I hosted the first blog, which covered our 2009 FanFest.  Check it out here!  You can also find it on the K Crew Web site.  We hope you enjoy it!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…


2009 FanFest Fun!

Generally, I reserve my Saturday mornings for being that one day in the week that I get to sleep in and not wake up to my annoying alarm.  So when the alarm went off early Saturday morning, I wasn’t in the most excited mood as I put on our new uniforms and headed to the Royals 2009 FanFest.  Actually to be honest, I was almost dreading this first event with the new K Crew!  I just felt like there was no way that this new group could match the endless fun and good times we had last season.

And then it happened.

I pulled up to the Overland Park Convention Center to see a carload of guys jumping out and running to the entrance all decked out in blue from head to toe.  This made me smile and remember why I was here.  Then I found my parking spot and started to walk toward the entrance myself when some of the F.L. Shlagle High School’s drumline spotted me in my super cool new K Crew warm ups and gave me excited high fives.  I had almost forgotten that it was Saturday morning and that I should be sleeping at this point.  And then, I didn’t even have to open the door to the Convention Center because a nice girl in a K Crew warm up waited with it open for me. 

Erica & Katie.jpgWe had only had a couple of meetings before FanFest, and clearly we had missed each other, so as we walked in, we went over introductions.  I found out her name is Katie, and as we waited for our pre-game — or I suppose pre-event — meeting, I also found out our similarities didn’t stop at our wardrobes for the day!   After meeting my new K Crew friend, I was not only okay being out of bed on a Saturday morning, I was GLAD to be at such an exciting event!

The rest of the day flew by with all of the excitement of FanFest.  K Crew’s responsiblities included greeting fans at the door with programs and bags, running the home run derby field, rolling t-shirts, which of course then leads to dancing on stage and throwing out those t-shirts… We had so much fun throwing everything from blankets and t-shirts to caps and bobbleheads to fans at the Main Stage.  I think every single fan left with something!

D20_6487.JPGIt’s crazy how I had almost forgotten just how much fun it is to throw t-shirts to such excited and great fans!  It’s called FanFest, because it truly is an event that is made just for our fans.  Between interviews and autographs and fun booths, there is just so much Royals excitement going on!  I had a great time just walking around talking to fans, and then later in the evening thanking the fans for coming as they left.  As I was telling them that I would see them in April, I asked several departing fans, “Did you have a good time?”  Their responses were absolutely unanimous–literally every single person replied with such enthusiasm that they had a great time!!

K Crew Backstage.jpgAnd as you can see, I’m working with some pretty great people.  I really can’t tell you how serious I was on my drive to FanFest that I really did fear there was no way my new K Crew team members could match those from last year… but as the day progressed, I got more and more excited about this upcoming season with some pretty fantastic new additions to the crew!

The whole weekend made me completely ready for April to get here and for the coolest, most exciting job to begin once more…and I can’t wait to take you along on every fun adventure we have as your 2009 K Crew!!!

Even early on a Saturday morning…

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…


I just left an event for my “day job,” and as I was leaving, I mentioned I needed to write my first blog for the K Crew.  One of my coaches inquired about the K Crew, and then we went on to talk about the Royals for the next thirty minutes.  Maybe it’s because I work with a lot of coaches, but I feel like anytime I mention my job with the Royals, people are instantly excited and impressed.  This excitement and enthusiasm is instantly contagious and reminds me how very excited I am to be a part of this organization.

Since I am the lucky girl that gets to spend these extra innings with you, it seems appropriate to tell you a little bit about myself.  First, let me send you to the K Crew Web site to view all of our pictures and bios.  You will notice that I get to work with some seriously good-looking people.  Take a minute to look at their bios–they’re not just attractive but clever with their answers as well.   

We filled out a profile sheet with several questions, so since we’re spending these extra innings together, I’ll fill you in on some questions that didn’t quite make the cut for the bio, but I still thought were fun so you can get to know me a little better…

Web site you’re always on:  Ask Jeeves to ask him all kinds of important questions.
Favorite TV Show:  Grey’s Anatomy, two words- McDreamy and McSteamy.
Words to live by/Favorite Quote:  “She would rather light a candle than curse the darkness.”  -Adlai Stevnson, about Eleanor Roosevelt
Profession:   High school Spanish teacher
Dream job:  The First Lady
Thing that always makes me laugh:  My dad – he’s hilarious in a clever sort of way.
What do you do in your spare time?  I adore reading.
If you had more spare time, what would you like to do?  Conduct spelling and grammar seminars across the country, to inform people when to use the correct to, too, two or when to use your/you’re.

I’d say we’re well acquainted now.  Wait, one more thing–I’m an extremely goal-oriented person, and my goal for March was to learn to juggle.  And oh yes, I’ll be juggling those hot dogs before we shoot them out to you this summer, because I officially can juggle now!

1group_2Now since the blog is starting just a few innings late, I’m going to catch you up on what you’ve missed…

*The Photo Shoot-  Basically I just like pretending I’m cooler than I am for being part of a “photo shoot,” but it was such a great time.  We all had the opportunity to meet each other for the first time and learn a little more about our role at the games.  We also received a whole bunch of crazy cool uniforms!  It felt like a blue – powder blue to be exact – Christmas!

What_a_weekend_010_1*Fan Fest-  This was a fantastic time for a whole bunch of our excited and loyal fans to come out and meet the players, get some autographs, have some ballpark food, and play some whiffle ball.  We got to hand out programs and free goodies, explain the craziness of the autograph lines to anxious fans, and my personal favorite–play some pretty fun whiffle ball with the kiddos.  Ah, and how could I forget the excitement of the sweet (and maybe a little confused) kids asking US for our autographs! What_a_weekend_012_1This adorable young fan made me feel pretty special to be part of the team!

Can you say PRECIOUS?!  Twice!



P1311891_1*Make-A-Wish Foundation Casino Night-  Jacqueline, Kristin, Sean and Aaron made the appearance on January 31st to help CARSTAR with the Casino Night fundraiser. The benefit raised more than $2500 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which will help grant a wish for a child with a life-threatening illness.

*St. Paddy’s Event at Children’s Mercy-  Tuyhong and I joined Sluggerrr for a super fun start to our St. Patrick’s Day with some very excited patients at Children’s Mercy.  We had a leprechaun, some Irish dancers, and we handed out green Royals hats, powder blue bracelets and pencils.  It was a really neat time to get to hang out with the kids that were unable to make it to the parade.  They were so appreciative and sweet to us.

We have some other great events coming up on our schedule.  For Lee’s Summit Autism Awareness Night, Jacqueline and Kristin will be among the celebrity servers at Beauchamp’s On The Rail Restaurant in Lee’s Summit on April 3rd from 6:30-8:30 PM.  Beauchamp’s will be DONATING proceeds of that night to the Autism Alliance of Greater Kansas City.  Also coming up is the Perfect Wedding Guide’s Wedding Expo at the Overland Park Convention Center on April 6th.  The Royals will be sponsoring the Groom’s Room at the Expo.

Whew, I’m excited to keep you up-to-date a little more regularly now, so I won’t have so much to tell you in one blog!  Clearly we’ve been pretty busy, but the excitement is only beginning as our HOME OPENER is just 12 days away!  On Tuesday, April 8th at 3:10 PM there is only one place to be in Kansas City, and that is Kauffman Stadium cheering on your very own Royals as they start the season off with a victory against the Yankees.  Can’t wait to see you there!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…