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SIGNS of a Great Time at The K

As I mentioned in last week’s blog, I could not wait for this past homestand to get here, and oh boy, when it did, it most certainly did not disappoint!  In fact, it might just have been one of my favorite homestands ever.

Let me take you back to last Sunday… I was so excited about being out at the stadium with such awesome weather on a Sunday afternoon.  I especially love working Sundays because of the large amount of sunshine and children at the stadium.  (Sundays are always day games with extra fun activities for kids like the Sprint Fun Run after the game, the kids version of the Live Hot Dog Derby and the Honorary Line-up before the game.)  This particular Sunday, I was also excited when I got to the stadium to see I was doing a Live Shot, because it had been awhile since I’d had the extreme pleasure of holding a handheld mic at my favorite place in the whole world.  However, I received word on my headset that we wouldn’t be doing the Live Shot because of timing during pre-game.

Feeling a bit disappointed, I headed down to the press conference room to see what was going on down there with our pre-game participants.  As I was talking to Katie about pre-game details, I spotted two adorable little boys that I could have sworn I saw… signing?!  I wasn’t for sure if they were just being animated with their hand gestures or if they were indeed using sign language to communicate, so I told the boys and girls in the conference room that I am a teacher, but that I teach big kids sign languageIMG_6757.JPGThe little boys’ mom’s face confirmed my suspicions with an excited look as she exclaimed, “You know sign language?”  As I signed, “Yes- I do!” the two boys came running over to hug this girl that was using their language.  As I sit staring at my computer, I’m almost frustrated that I cannot accurately convey via this keyboard the sheer JOY AND AWESOMENESS that was this next hour of my life after meeting my new friends, Matthew and Nathaniel.  Oh my goodness.  They were incredible.  I have so much fun with deaf children because everything is so animated and exciting with them.

I had the pleasure of being their personal interpreter for all of pre-game.  This meant going out on the field with them, helping them find their player for the Honorary Line-up, which involved several players and coaches in the dugout telling ME how cool what I was doing was…you know, just another day in the life of a K Crew member.  D20_3257.jpgEXCEPT IT ISN’T JUST ANOTHER DAY IN THE LIFE OF A K CREW MEMBER!!!  I spend my every minute at games being in awe of THEM and cheering for THEM and being excited about THEM, and here in this very moment of just communicating with two adorable little boys, these guys are impressed with ME?!?  It was so cool.  Matthew and Nathaniel were so much fun, and they signed “I love you” to me several times!  They were just too precious!  The fun didn’t quite end there though, because after the National Anthem, Matthew wasn’t quite ready to leave the field, so OH YES, I got to run almost to third base to help communicate to him that it was time to go AKA THE GAME WAS STARTING! 🙂  Matthew, I’ve always wanted to run on the field, so thank you, my friend.

This experience was unforgettable.  I love the Royals.  I love kids.  I especially love kids that communicate with their little hands.  And in addition to all of this fun, I learned an important lesson too.  Helen Keller once said, “When one door closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”  I was feeling a little frustrated and disappointed when my Live Shot was canceled.  So I had a choice, I could have stayed in the locker room and kind of moped around that my thing got canceled, but instead, I opened another door (the one to the press conference room to be exact) and found an even cooler opportunity just waiting for me!

All of this excitement and fun and that was just ONE of the games from this awesome homestand!  I’ll be writing more very soon and posting pictures of some more pretty INCREDIBLE people I got to hang out with last homestand, so check back soon!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…