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On-Air for KCrew Auditions

There are many cool opportunities that come along with being a part of the KCrew. One of the most recent ones was being able to go live on Hot 103 Jamz with host Sean Tyler. Hot 103 Jamz is a local radio station broadcasted live to millions of people throughout the Kansas City area. Sandy, Megan and I had the amazing opportunity to promote walk ups for the 2011 KCrew auditions.

Before the interview I was very nervous. Who knew talking on the radio would be more nerve wracking than doing camera interviews at Royals games? Maybe it was the thought that it would be broadcasted live to thousands of drivers on their way home from work! But as soon as we got to the station, we were greeted by smiling faces that put our nerves at ease.

One of the first people we met was Rich McCauley. He is the Marketing and Promotions director for Carter Broadcast Group, Inc. He escorted us to the room where our interview would take place. At that time he spoke to us about the history of the Carter Broadcast Group and how they had just had their 60th year anniversary and are still going strong. The next person we met was Sean Tyler himself! I was more familiar with his voice than his face. It’s very interesting seeing someone after listening to them for so long. There he briefed us on what questions he would be asking us and reassured us that everything would go fine.

After about 10 minutes, we were on air. We talked about what KCrew does, how fun it is, and how people could join by coming to the audition the next day. It was over so fast. Our nervous energy had paid off and we got the job done!

Thanks KPRS for stepping up and supporting the KCrew!