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SIGNS of a Great Time at The K

As I mentioned in last week’s blog, I could not wait for this past homestand to get here, and oh boy, when it did, it most certainly did not disappoint!  In fact, it might just have been one of my favorite homestands ever.

Let me take you back to last Sunday… I was so excited about being out at the stadium with such awesome weather on a Sunday afternoon.  I especially love working Sundays because of the large amount of sunshine and children at the stadium.  (Sundays are always day games with extra fun activities for kids like the Sprint Fun Run after the game, the kids version of the Live Hot Dog Derby and the Honorary Line-up before the game.)  This particular Sunday, I was also excited when I got to the stadium to see I was doing a Live Shot, because it had been awhile since I’d had the extreme pleasure of holding a handheld mic at my favorite place in the whole world.  However, I received word on my headset that we wouldn’t be doing the Live Shot because of timing during pre-game.

Feeling a bit disappointed, I headed down to the press conference room to see what was going on down there with our pre-game participants.  As I was talking to Katie about pre-game details, I spotted two adorable little boys that I could have sworn I saw… signing?!  I wasn’t for sure if they were just being animated with their hand gestures or if they were indeed using sign language to communicate, so I told the boys and girls in the conference room that I am a teacher, but that I teach big kids sign languageIMG_6757.JPGThe little boys’ mom’s face confirmed my suspicions with an excited look as she exclaimed, “You know sign language?”  As I signed, “Yes- I do!” the two boys came running over to hug this girl that was using their language.  As I sit staring at my computer, I’m almost frustrated that I cannot accurately convey via this keyboard the sheer JOY AND AWESOMENESS that was this next hour of my life after meeting my new friends, Matthew and Nathaniel.  Oh my goodness.  They were incredible.  I have so much fun with deaf children because everything is so animated and exciting with them.

I had the pleasure of being their personal interpreter for all of pre-game.  This meant going out on the field with them, helping them find their player for the Honorary Line-up, which involved several players and coaches in the dugout telling ME how cool what I was doing was…you know, just another day in the life of a K Crew member.  D20_3257.jpgEXCEPT IT ISN’T JUST ANOTHER DAY IN THE LIFE OF A K CREW MEMBER!!!  I spend my every minute at games being in awe of THEM and cheering for THEM and being excited about THEM, and here in this very moment of just communicating with two adorable little boys, these guys are impressed with ME?!?  It was so cool.  Matthew and Nathaniel were so much fun, and they signed “I love you” to me several times!  They were just too precious!  The fun didn’t quite end there though, because after the National Anthem, Matthew wasn’t quite ready to leave the field, so OH YES, I got to run almost to third base to help communicate to him that it was time to go AKA THE GAME WAS STARTING! 🙂  Matthew, I’ve always wanted to run on the field, so thank you, my friend.

This experience was unforgettable.  I love the Royals.  I love kids.  I especially love kids that communicate with their little hands.  And in addition to all of this fun, I learned an important lesson too.  Helen Keller once said, “When one door closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”  I was feeling a little frustrated and disappointed when my Live Shot was canceled.  So I had a choice, I could have stayed in the locker room and kind of moped around that my thing got canceled, but instead, I opened another door (the one to the press conference room to be exact) and found an even cooler opportunity just waiting for me!

All of this excitement and fun and that was just ONE of the games from this awesome homestand!  I’ll be writing more very soon and posting pictures of some more pretty INCREDIBLE people I got to hang out with last homestand, so check back soon!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

Picture Proof

Today I had the opportunity to be at Kauffman Stadium on a non-gameday.  When I first got hired a couple of years ago, I can remember walking into the stadium when no one was there and feeling so incredibly cool and important and just in complete awe of the moment.  Well, it’s two years and hundreds of games later, and I still get that excited “oh my goodness, this is so cool” feeling when I get to be at the stadium on a random Wednesday afternoon. 

This particular visit was especially exciting because I was assisting Sluggerrr for one of his appearances.  It was a great time, and I was just super impressed with Sluggerrr’s ability to charm a crowd of people with such enthusiasm and ease…without ever saying a word!  It was also a rather cool and surreal moment when I added “Sluggerrr” to my phone contacts…hands down, my new favorite contact in my phone book.

This past homestand was pretty crazy amazing.  I know I say this all of the time, but I seriously have THE coolest job in all the world.  Here are a few pictures of proof from this past seven-game homestand…

Black Jack.jpgJack was one of the most excited fans I’ve met.  He was not only enthusiastic and cheering for the Royals, but he knows what he is talking about, too!  From the players to the game of baseball, Jack is one knowledgeable fan!!!  Not to mention ADORABLE!  Thanks for dancing with me to Garth, Jack!!  Katie and I were walking down to get on a dugout, when these two awesome Royals fans caught my attention.  I heard little Maili say, “See Dad, it’s Erica and Katie!”  IMG_0251.jpgShe had seen us walking by earlier and remembered our names.  I was pretty impressed with this.  And if I wasn’t already excited about these fans, Aodhan piped up and said to me, “You have pretty hair.”  It had been kind of a stressful night and his sweet comment just really made me smile.  Thanks for not only being so sweet, but also such spirited Royals fans!!!  And Aodhan- I saw you dancing on CrownVision later in the game–nice moves, man!IMG_6279.JPG



Amy and I were relaxing before the big race.  I’m sure John Deere will be calling soon to have us be their new models with our color coordination going on.6133_513510684564_125300196_30656730_6447769_n.jpg





Much thanks to my good friend, Jennifer, who captured this action shot of the Hot Dog Derby!  I love it when my friends are at games, and on this particular night there were lots of my favorite people all over the sold-out stadium!






It’s pretty cool that literally one of my favorite places in all the world is also where I work.  I just love being at the stadium so much…sold out on a Friday night with fireworks or empty and quiet on Wednesday afternoon assisting Sluggerrr.

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

PS:  Coming soon–pictures and details from a very special game where I had the incredible opportunity to be at the stadium… as a fan!!!



Running Our Buns Off

I’ve had the privilege to be the American Sign Language interpreter for two of the most adorable six-year-old deaf boys during summer school at McQuerry Elementary.  As their interpreter, I follow them to all of their classes from 8:00am-3:00pm Monday through Friday.  I sit right by them at their little table, so I’ve had a lot of interaction with six year olds lately.  It’s been really fun after games to hear kids say how they saw me on the dugout or the “giant awesome screen!”  This afternoon as we were finishing our rockets in Space Class, one of the biggest Royals fans in the class says, “Erica, did you see the game last night!  It was 11 innings, and we got the win!!!”  Brett’s talk of the extra innings reminded me it was time to write a blog!  Thanks for the reminder, Brett, and thanks for being such an excited Royals fan!!!!!!

As I’ve mentioned before, when we first get to the game, we report to our room to find out our responsibilities for the game.  Friday night was a big night for me.  My responsibilities included THE LIVE HOT DOG DERBY!!!  Despite the extreme heat and humidity, I could not wait to get in that hot dog suit! 

IMG_6245.JPGNow, normally I’m a Ketchup girl, however I just could not justify putting on ANY red in night one of our series with the Cardinals!!  Along with this thought in mind was the fact that my boyfriend LOVES Relish.  I mean, we all have our hot dog that we root for, but Ryan takes it to another level with his intense and passionate enthusiasm for Relish.  He screams for Relish at a volume that I’ve literally seen scare small children at games.  So with putting on the Relish suit, I wasn’t thinking that he’d be excited that I’d be running in the green for once, but rather, I knew I HAD to win.  I actually sent him a text that said, “I’m afraid that if I lose, you might break up with me.”  He wrote back, “Don’t make me make that decision.”

IMG_6249.JPGSo, I tried explaining the high stakes to my opponents, Ketchup and Mustard, aka Lauren and Megan Q., but neither of them had much concern with the fact that the future of my relationship was potentially pending upon the outcome of this Hot Dog Derby.  Lauren and Megan Q. were both also in this race to win it for their respective condiment!!  As we got ready, which was only successful with the awesome and dedicated help from Aaron, we were all talking a little hot dog smack.

IMG_6252.JPGThe photo to the left was obviously taken post-race.  We were all three dripping wet with sweat, and not just because it felt like a hundred degrees outside or because we were in giant hot dog suits, but because we literally ran as hard as we could and with some incredible intensity!!!!!!   I don’t know that there has ever been a race that all three hot dogs wanted to win so bad! 

And you will also notice that we’re all holding up a number one, because it was so close that no winner was determined!!!!  Ketchup, Mustard or Relish…no matter who you were rooting for Friday night, you can know that we gave it 100% and literally ran our buns off!!!!!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

PS:  While no real winner was determined, Ryan later said, “I can’t believe my girlfriend just really ran incredibly hard in a hot dog race for me.  That’s awesome!”  So even though it wasn’t exactly a victory, I think he was able to RELISH in my extreme effort!

Always on My Mind

School is under way.  Every student in Senorita Dyer’s classroom has seen plenty of blue… and I’m not just talking about the blue of the Grain Valley Eagles’ school colors, but also the POWDER blue of my Royals!  The first couple of days I spent some time getting to know the students, as well as letting them get to know me a little better.  I couldn’t help but smile and get pretty excited each hour when a student asked me where I worked this summer.  I think I’ve inspired all 182 of my students to want to be future K Crew members one day!


Tomorrow Homestand #10 continues with the Giant Banner Flag giveaway to the first 20,000 fans presented by Fox Sports Net Kansas City.  I’m thinking that will have a place in my classroom right next to all my other Royals excitement!  Today in class, I was fingerspelling words in American Sign Language for my students to recite to me.  The first word I fingerspelled was R-O-Y-A-L-S, which they all got correctly pretty quickly.  I’m not for sure if it’s because my students are just that intelligent OR because they know me that well already to know that of course I’d be talking about the Royals!


Royals, Ash, School = Fun fun fun 007.jpgI meant to include these pictures from the golf tournament in last week’s blog, but I forgot.  However, I think it’s important enough to go ahead and put up a week late, because it needs to be known how important the “helpers” are for the Hot Dog Derby!  Emily is so kindly helping me here in this picture get my shoes all strapped in before the big race.  Each time we do the Hot Dog Derby, different K Crew members are assigned the role of “helpers.”  This role may sound not that important, but really it’s actually super important, because it is a little more difficult to successfully get in those suits than one might think!  Royals, Ash, School = Fun fun fun 011.jpgIt takes some hard working K Crew members to help get the racers all ready to go… because if those straps aren’t tight or the suit’s not on quite right, victory might be just one fall away for ol’ Ketchup, Mustard or Relish!  This second shot also includes Amy who was also very helpful in getting us all ready to go that morning.  You girls are great!  Thanks for LETTING me run!


A couple of weeks ago, I received a phone call from Community Blood Center thanking me for being a regular blood donor with them and asking me if I wanted to come in and give during “Royals Week.”  I love giving blood, so I said I’d definitely come in, and when I got there I was pretty excited to see what “Royals Week” entailed…  Not only did I get a fun Royals T-shirt, but also two free tickets!Royals, Ash, School = Fun fun fun 002.jpg  I told the lady taking my health information about K Crew and my own involvement with the Royals, and she asked me if I had my uniform with me to take a picture.  I just happened to have my powder blue in the car, and I agreed as long as she promised to be nice with the needle!  She was, and I was able to save three lives while wearing my favorite uniform!


Even when I’m not at the stadium, from my classroom to blood drives, the Royals are always on my mind!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

Opening Day Excitement at the K

I wasn’t working the game last night, but I was checking every few minutes to check the status of the game.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never once wondered what the score was when I wasn’t at a game.  It’s official–I AM A ROYALS FAN. 

Hot dogs.jpgNot the kind I’ve been in the past, where I was more excited about the Kiss Cam than the score, but the kind that reminds me a little bit of my dad.  For as long as I can remember, my dad has been a TRUE Royals fan.  The kind that loves the Royals in the good seasons, but also the not so good seasons.  The kind that gets a little annoyed when people cheer louder for the Hot Dog Derby than for the team.  And when I’ve inquired about this constant dedication of his, he always says it all started with the excitement of going to games in the 80s.  I’ve never quite got it…until Tuesday night.

As I was looking up at the stadium full of blue screaming fans through the eyes of the Ketchup costume- I felt a little bit of that excitement.  As Emily and I walked around the stadium to our next event and people were yelling and cheering as we walked by in our K Crew uniforms, I felt that excitement.  Then with two outs at the top of the ninth, as fans started standing to their feet and clapping, again I felt that excitement.

Emerson Drive.jpgFrom beginning to end, opening day was such a feel of that kind of excitement that I’d only heard my dad talk about as he reminisced of the 80s.  K Crew got to the stadium for our pre-game meeting at noon, and then seven hours later we were in that same room catching our breath from the whirlwind of a day.  We assisted with pre-game (i.e. chatted with Emerson Drive on the field), launched t-shirts, ran in hot dog suits, sang to some Garth, threw out Cracker Jacks, helped with all sorts of promos, did some 7th inning stretching on the dugouts, and last but certainly not least–cheered as the Royals beat the Yankees for our very first home game of 2008!

I checked the final score.  Another victory for the home team.  Come out and feel that excitement from the 80s coming alive… just leave the scrunchies, leg warmers and big hair at home. 

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…