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Two fans that make the K Crew smile

One of the main, most important part of our jobs is interacting with anyone and everyone that comes through the gates of Kauffman stadium. We find the little kids that are at the stadium for the very first time, or find the couple celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary.  It never ceases to amaze us, each and every game, we meet someone that is truly fascinating. We aim to make each experience at the ‘K’ a memorable one by handing out tattoos and pens or just inquiring about what brought them to the ‘K’. lily novak.JPGEvery game is packed with people with such interesting stories and huge hearts for the Royals.  While we strive to make the experience at the stadium better for our fans, we sometimes find people that make our night at work more memorable. I am here to give a shout-out to two very important people that the K Crew has had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with this season.

Our first shout-out goes to our number one fan, Lily.  Lily is an adorable eight-year-old with so much enthusiasm and excitement.   

 We were approached with an email from Lily’s mom explaining how much she loves attending the games and meeting the K Crew. Yes, K Crew. Lily would watch for us and make a point to talk to as many of us as she could each time she visited the ‘K’.  We had the opportunity to show her some behind the scenes that most people don’t see.  Our K Crew meeting room is a simple room, big enough for all of us to gather before the games and prepare.  We took Lily there and I have never seen someone’s eyes become so big.  While we were in the room she passed out pictures she had drawn of all of us! (Which we still have hanging on our K Crew wall.) lily n.JPGShe had looked at our website pictures and drew us a picture based on those! You could sense the sheer joy she was experiencing, so we decided to carry on the tour and have her walk around with us.  If she were a few years older, I would fear losing my job with how great Lily was at our job.  She would talk to the fans, hand out tattoos, and rally with us.  We all know baseball season is a long one, but seeing how much fun Lily was having at our job, she really gave us back some lost energy we may have been experiencing the past couple weeks.  Her last thing she told us that night was her dream job in a couple years is to be on K Crew!  Good luck Lily with your dream!  You will make a great K Crew member one day!


The next hello and huge thank you goes out to Chris.  Chris is the ultimate Royal’s SuperFan! I am sure everyone has seen him if you have walked anywhere in the stadium.  He is in the outfield experience, down by the fountains, up in view level, behind home plate, all over, every game. 
Thumbnail image for chris katie megan.JPGChris walks around in his Royals gear proud, cheering on our boys, and happily posing for pictures when approached.  The first time I met Chris was this year when Katie and I were in charge of the Hy-Vee Fan of the Game promotion.
 This prize is given out to one lucky fan that is outrageous and eye-drawing enough to be located by the Royals camera crew.  Chris was the lucky one this game. Katie and I found out his location and walked his prize out to him on the Pepsi Party Porch.  Come to find out, this was Chris’ 500th consecutive home game!  500!! 
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for chris fan.JPGHe has not missed one game since his high school graduation!  On top of 500 straight games, Chris attends 25% of all of the Royals away games, every season.  Talk about a true fan! We are so lucky to continually see Chris out there cheering on our beloved blue and white!

Go Royals!

Marcia Merrick, A True All-Star

Written by K Crew’s Danaya.


I recently had the immense pleasure of meeting Marcia Merrick, the creator of “Reaching Out” and consequently the winner of “People All-Stars Among Us“.  Marcia will be representing Kansas City at the 81st All-Star Game.  I can proudly say, I couldn’t think of a better person for that honor!

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for PublishMarciaMerrick.jpg 
Marcia is hands down one of the most inspirational women I have ever met.  Here’s a little background on her organization.  She wakes up every morning at 4:00am to pack 400 lunches by noon.  (I teach for a living and I can hardly make one lunch in time for school in the morning!)  Marcia then drives to 11 locations around the city and passes out each lunch personally.  The best part about these lunches is the fact that she puts a note of encouragement in each bag.  I’m sure without a doubt, that those notes touch thousands of hearts a week.  After she distributes her lunches, she goes home and bakes 800 cookies in preparation for the next day! Talk about dedication and commitment

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for 0308-MMERRICK-pmad-homeless-social_full_600.jpgMarcia created “Reaching Out” all on her own because she saw a need in the city.  Marcia wouldn’t let anything stop her from making the only meal many of her friends will eat each day.  I say “friends”, because that is what Marcia calls them.  She has created a bond and relationship with many of the people she provides lunches for.  That’s what truly makes her an All-Star.  

Now, those are the just the plain facts about Marcia, but let me tell you how she has touched my life.  I had the opportunity to complete a pre-game interview with her, where we not only discussed her business, but she took a genuine interest in my life.  She asked me about my job, my fiancé, my summer, and lots more!  It was so wonderful to meet someone for the very first time and feel like you have known them forever.  A few weeks later, I found out Marcia had won the “People All-Stars Among Us” and would be back at the game to be honored.  When the day arrived for Marcia to be back at the stadium, I made it a point to stop by and congratulate her!  When I stopped by her seat, her face lit up like it was a holiday!  She made me feel like I was the most special person she had ever seen!  She stood up, gave me a hug, kissed my cheek, asked me how I was doing– all before I could even congratulate her on her win!  She was more concerned with my life, than the amazing honor she was receiving.  That is a testament to the person Marcia truly is.  She wanted nothing more, but to further build the relationship we had already created, than discuss herself. 


Marcia told me something that I know I will never forget.  She referenced that fact that I’m a teacher and reminded me that, “We will never know how much we are truly touching people’s lives, and every little thing counts.  Don’t expect anything in return, and give all you have.  Because each life is worth something, and the relationships we build are the most precious gifts we give.” 

Marcia, you have been a true inspiration to me.  I am so thankful that I had a chance to meet you and I hope to one day create a legacy as wonderful as yours!  Good luck at the All-Star game, and don’t forget to wear your KCrew pin! –Danaya

Friday Night Excitement

Written by K Crew’s Megan.


Bright lights. Enthusiastic fans. Fireworks. There is something so euphoric about Friday Night games at The K.  Last Friday was no different.  Whether you are there for work or to enjoy a baseball game, walking in to the stadium on a Friday night has a way of putting a smile on just about anyone’s face.

CIMG0079.jpgWith smiles already on, an extra boost of excitement was added upon hearing who would be gracing Royals fans with their presence.  While we love all of our Royals fans and think they are all beyond amazing, it is not every day big-time celebrities attend a baseball game at The K.  Many whispers and questions were asked by fans wondering if Will Ferrell was really in the third base dugout suite.  It was so fun to say, “Yes! He actually is here tonight!”

Along with the beloved Will Ferrell was Paul Rudd, Jason Sudeikis, Horatio Sanz and Rob Riggle.  With these great guys being in the dugout suite, seeing them from afar was our only real option.  During the 8th inning, Sandy, Kelly, Kristina, Taylor and I all got the opportunity to change that.  Walking excitedly to the dugout suite with camera in hand, we were all ready for our celebrity encounter.  Between the five guys, they made us feel like we were the celebrities, yelling “Hey, it’s the K Crew!!!” 
CIMG0077.jpgCheering as we walked in, they were no different than the awesome fans sitting up in the view level.  They were courteous to take pictures with us, letting us know that it would look best with one K Crew member between each of them!

Everyone eagerly accepted tattoos and pins, especially Paul Rudd’s four-year-old son, Jack.  He was SO excited to be at the baseball game, exclaiming that Sluggerrr came down and even gave him an autograph just for him.  Jack was beyond adorable and even more lovable when he admitted, “Sluggerrr and the Royals are the greatest and bestest in baseball.”  While hanging out with Paul Rudd’s little boy I had to drop in that myself and one other K Crew girl went to the same high school as he and Jason (Go Vikings!), telling him that’s my claim to fame! They were overzealous talking about the ‘”good ol’ days from high school”!

300_8278a.jpgAll of these men have made appearances on Saturday Night Live, blockbuster movies and popular TV shows.  While they are all funny business most of the time, that was not the case on Friday night.  With three of the five hailing from the Overland Park area, Royals baseball and Kansas City is home to them.  Coming back to help out and give back to the community was not only an option but also a necessity.  They all participated in the Big Slick Poker Tournament on Saturday to raise money for Children’s Mercy Hospital.

D20_7641.jpgWhile the opportunity to throw the first pitch(s) and sing the Seventh Inning Stretch was enticing, coming back to Kansas City was important to them for more reasons then soaking up a Friday night game.  Showing the support and love for this great town, which holds many memories for them, was just one of the things these men do for others.


Time with the Fans

Between the school year ending (shout out here to my faves from Grain Valley High School), graduations, wedding planning, writing weekly columns for two local papers, seven bridal showers, more wedding planning, engagement pics, and keeping up with the 42 text messages and emails I get daily, I somehow didn’t have time to work last homestand!  So I was especially eager to be heading to the games this past homestand.  With as crazy and busy as my schedule is right now, I almost forgot how much I adore my favorite stadium in the whole world.  While this is officially a “job,” unofficially it’s like a sanctuary for me.  A place of excitement mixed with relaxing and enjoying America’s favorite pasttime.  I was so glad I made time to work this past homestand because being out there singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” was a breath of fresh air from the craziness that has become my life lately.

And as always, I had the opportunity to meet some incredibly awesome fans!  As a member of K Crew, our job this year has changed a little bit.  In the past, we were in charge of finding contestants for promotions and running those promotions throughout the game.  This year, Game Crew takes care of all of that, leaving our primary focus being fan interaction.  Yes, that means we get paid to hang out with YOU.  To cheer with you.  To high five everyone in the section when Billy Butler hits a home run.  To throw you hot dogs.  To give you tattoos and pins and most recently the new K Crew autograph card.  That is our job. 

Before I continue, I do want to give such a genuine and sincere shout out here to our awesome Game Crew.  They run the promotions with perfection and find such enthusiastic, great fans.  I had the pleasure of getting to know Matthew and Andrew a little better after I assisted them with DiGiorno Seat Upgrade, and I was so impressed with their execution of their job, but also the upbeat and excited attitude they had toward their role here at The K.  Thanks for all of your help Game Crew–we really appreciate all you guys do!

Because of their awesome work, we really do get to completely direct our energy and attention to you, our awesome and loyal fans.  I feel like it’s always “a great day to be a Royals fan” and be out at the stadium, but there are some nights that I especially feel a special connection with fans.  Last Tuesday night was one of those night.  Let me take you along a pictorial journey of my evening that led to me leaving and texting eight of my best friends, “I just had a really great K Crew night–I had the best talks with so many incredible fans!!” 

SDC12505.JPGMeet Adorable and Precious.  I mean do these two cute little ladies not just scream all that is adorable and precious?  They were so kind to even offer me a lick of one of their suckers.  I am all about fan interaction, but sharing suckers is about where I draw the line.  Thanks for the offer though girls, and most of all thanks for being such a great fans!!!




And now let me introduce you to more of my new friends, who are actually baseball stars themselves.  These two guys had their gloves ready and that is perhaps my favorite kind of fan.  Love it.




 This very special lady is Kathleen.  As I was getting ready to get up on the dugout for the Seventh Inning Stretch, I heard a confident voice starting a cheer of, “Let’s go Royals, let’s go!”  I turned around to see Kathleen on her feet completely getting those around her excited for her team!  I was so proud of her enthusiasm and passion for the Royals, that I just knew I had to throw my towel to her from the dugout.  She was so excited and appreciative.  Kathleen, keep up the awesome cheering and in a few years, you might just be taking my job up on the dugout!

SDC12506.JPGTuesday evening we had a request for appearance up in the Hy-Vee Level while we were all down on Field Level.  I heard through our radios that the request was for a 50th wedding anniversary, and as the bride-to-be and hopeless romantic that I am, I was just getting ready to volunteer via our radio for that appearance.  However, our boss knows me well and already was on the radio asking me if I wanted to go up there to do it!  The inning got busy, and as I was literally sprinting up the seven flights of stairs, I almost thought it might not be worth the time it was going to take to get up there and then back down for the next appearance I had.  Boy, was I wrong!  I get up to Norma and Gene’s section to see all of their family surrounding them for such a special celebration of their FIFTY years of marriage!  Kids, grandkids, friends…it was just such a sweet moment.  And THEN I saw Norma and Gene themselves who just couldn’t have looked more in love and sweet on each other as they must have 50 years ago before their “I dos.”  I had to tell them that my own “I dos” were just 20 days away, and they audibly shared their congratulations for me while everything about their body language and non-verbals shared an inspiration for me to achieve the commitment and work of celebrating 50 years with Ryan one day…and where else, but at The K!

In 50 years we shall come back to my favorite stadium to celebrate, but tomorrow we’re going to be out at The K for some engagement pictures!  When we first met with our photographer, we brainstormed special places we loved and naturally Kauffman Stadium was at the top of that list.  Tomorrow I will be at my favorite place in the world, with my favorite guy, taking pictures (for those that know me, you know that is another favorite of mine)…it almost sounds like a favorite movie of mine…Field of Dreams?  I think so!

Next week will feature a special blog with my new friend Flat Stanley!  Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come as you see Flat entering the game with me and my super sweet and amazing fellow K Crew girl, Chelsea!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

K Crew in the Community

This week is a special treat for all of our K Crew blog readers – a guest blog entry from Megan!  Enjoy!


DSCF1648.JPGWhen people say there is no greater joy than kids, they were totally correct.  This past weekend Sandy, Danaya, Sam and I got the opportunity to do an appearance at the March of Dimes’ annual event March for Babies.  When we arrived at 8am at the Power and Light District, ready to hand out tattoos and pins, we were blown away with the amount of joy and enthusiasm that filled this Saturday morning event.

March for Babies is an event that raises money to help families with premature babies.  A mile long walk was set up for all participants downtown.  We came across 8,000 people excited to walk for these little faces, and it did not take long to realize what a great day this would be.

DSCF1638.JPGOne of the first people we came across was this adorable man, Don Post.  After talking to Don, we came to realize that there were so many special people that surrounded this event.  Each year Don is in charge of all volunteers for March for Babies and Bikers for Babies, both events needing 300+ volunteers.  Dubbed the “Volunteer Extraordinaire,” Don is amazing at rallying his troops.  Even though he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease in 1980, he still puts his heart and soul into these events. Every year he is out there supporting this foundation and helping in any and every way he can.

DSCF1643.JPGWhile we were walking around, spreading Royals cheer, we came across so many families with such amazing stories.  Hearing what these families went through for their little babies is amazing.  Another great person we met was Cameron, also known as “The One Pound Miracle,” and his parents.  Cameron’s parents told us about the hoops that preemies and their parents have to jump through to make it just one more day.  In Cameron’s case, 104 days in the NICU – 104 days of anticipating what it was going to be like to take Baby Cameron home.  It was amazing to see the love that everyone had for these preemie babies, and also the people walking in support of the babies they had lost.  

The Kansas City March for Babies has always been successful, and this year was no different. On a gloomy Saturday morning 8,000 people came out to support this amazing cause, and they raised $850,000.  While the potential for rain may have been looming over our heads, it was a beautiful day filled with hope and gracious hearts.  The K Crew is so blessed to have opportunities such as this to get out into the community and meet more amazing people and Royals fans!

– Megan

Baseball is back in KC

After way too long and COLD of a winter, BASEBALL SEASON IS BACK!!!  It was so exciting to be back out at The K seeing so many of you who we had missed all winter long!

I’m going to re-cap our first homestand with some pictures and commentaries of all the fun going on during our first week of baseball for the 2010 season!

SDC11647 2.jpgLet’s just start off with this picture of Chelsea, Lauren and me…oh yeah and David Cook.  No big deal, right?  Again, let me just say- we have THE coolest job ever.  Here’s where I do need to be honest and confess that I’ve never seen a single episode of American Idol (sorry, David).  No worries though, because my new friend Chelsea has FOR SURE made up for my lack of viewing, because this girl was SO EXCITED to see her favorite American Idol!!!

This is where I need to genuinely thank you, my faithful blog readers, because it is because of THIS VERY BLOG that I get to do things such as sit down with David in his suite and ask him some questions.  All for you, my awesome readers.  David was completely down to earth, playing with his cousins and just hanging out watching the game.  I asked him about his favorite Royals memory, and he said it would have to be during the 2003 season when he was working out at the stadium (yep, he spent several seasons working out at The K!).  He said that just the spirit and excitement of all of the fans was so enthusiastic and energetic and made for such an awesome season.

David also complimented the people of Kansas City as being “unlike the people anywhere else.”  I wasn’t sure what he meant and when I inquired a little further, he explained, “People everywhere else call me Mr. Cook.  Everyone here calls me David.”  He said it’s so great to be back home and receive such a warm response from the people of KC.  We were surely glad to have him singing the anthem for us Opening Day, and I won’t drive past the “Home of David Cook” sign on I-70 ever again without thinking about what a genuinely nice guy David is, not to mention a ROYALS FAN!!!

SDC11650 2.jpgNow David, take no offense to this, but when I sent a text to my dad to tell him that I had the opportunity to be in charge of the Buck O’Neil Legacy Seat for Opening Day with John Wathan AND that I would get to meet David Cook, my dad replied, “Who is David Cook? YOU GET TO MEET THE DUKE!!!”   My dad was teasing and of course knows who David Cook is, but the super Royals fan in him was even MORE excited about the fact I’d be talking to The Duke!  It certainly was my pleasure to get to visit with such an important person in Royals baseball!

SDC11649 2.jpgAnd last, but certainly not least, are some pictures of the awesome fans that were out and cheering for their favorite team on Opening Day.  I sincerely really do mean it when I say “but certainly not least,” because while hanging out with David Cook and John Wathan was obviously exciting, K Crew’s main focus is YOU.  The fan.  The guy that comes out night after night to watch the Royals play.  The sweet old lady that keeps the score book to be a part of the game.  The precious little kid with cotton candy and a tattoo who is SO EXCITED to be here.  YOU are who we are here for…to cheer with you, to visit with you, and to make lifetime friendships despite any and all other differences because each of us share the bond as fans of our team–the Kansas City Royals.


It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

2010 K Crew Auditions

2009 K Crew Group.JPG It really doesn’t sound like that long ago when we were getting ready for 2009 K Crew auditions and announcing the new team, but now it’s already time for 2010 K Crew auditions!  Here’s the scoop…

Date: Saturday, November 14, 2009

Time: Registration/Check-in: 9:30 am, Auditions: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Location: Kauffman Stadium – One Royal Way, Kansas City, MO 64129 (Park in Lot M and enter the stadium at Gate C)

300_3366.jpgJob Description: The Kansas City Royals K Crew is a fan-interactive team that will perform at all 2010 Kansas City Royals home games at Kauffman Stadium. The K Crew will be the face of the Royals gameday experience and act as Royals fan ambassadors both at Kauffman Stadium and at outside appearances as assigned.  K Crew duties include fan interaction throughout stadium (meet and greets, autograph sessions, etc.), facilitating entertainment utilizing special skills/talents, game operations responsibilities such as in-game promotions, T-shirt launches and crowd rallies, and other duties as assigned by the Kansas City Royals. 

 Audition Requirements:
1. 18+ and a high school graduate by January 1, 2010 (valid photo I.D. required)
2. Candidates must be willing to devote a large percentage of time to the K Crew program, including attendance at rehearsals, all designated games, community events and other mandatory appearances in and around the Kansas City area.  Must have flexible schedule for nights, weekends and holidays.
300_7327.jpg3. Candidates must have reliable transportation and live in or close to the Kansas City area.
4. Candidates must have the stamina and fitness level to perform athletic activities in conditions of summer heat.
5. Candidates must demonstrate good moral character and be drug free.
6. Candidates must be able to perform activities and interact with fans on camera in front of large crowds. Prior performance, entertainment, public relations, and/or broadcasting experience preferred.
7. Candidates must have outstanding communication and interpersonal skills and a positive, energetic personality.  Must be able to handle situations with a quick and professional response.
8. Candidates must be reliable, punctual, and courteous. Should have good listening skills and an ability to work with brief instruction as part of a team.
9. Knowledge of the game of baseball is preferred.
10. No candidate may presently be affiliated with or be a representative of any other semi-professional or professional athletic franchise.

300_3219.jpgVisit the official K Crew Web page for more information and to get your application!  Deadline for Pre-Registration is Monday, November 9, 2009.  If you have any questions, call 816-504-4433 or email  I’ll see you at auditions!  Good luck!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…


The Last Homestand…but not the last blog!

Sometimes life gets a little crazy, and I need reminders to update my favorite blog!  These reminders can come from a Post-It note on my desk at work,Picture 052.jpg sometimes from my boss here at the Royals, but my favorite reminders come from fans that are checking the blog…such as this super excited fan who dominated the Upper Deck Match Game!  Ryan, you were awesome, and I absolutely loved your very excited message and reminder to get this blog up!  Thanks for being such a great fan!!!!

Ryan was just one of many awesome fans that I encountered during our last homestand, so let me give some shout outs to some other pretty special fans…Picture_066.jpg

Katie and I are posing with our favorite fan from Argentina!!!  We made a super special delivery to give him a t-shirt for his excited Royals spirit!  Muchas gracias for cheering for the Royals while in the USA!!

Okay, so these next pictures aren’t fans, but just some really awesome people that contribute to making The K my favorite place in all the world…Picture_049.jpg

Here is Megan who started out the season as a fellow K Crew member, but as you can see from her snazzy clothes, she left the dugouts for an office job.  She’s genuinely one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and just such a pleasure to work with at The K.  Thanks for being so great and always so excited about the blog, Megan!

Picture 055.jpgAnd everyone knows this guy that I was so excited to catch by himself for a minute to snap a picture for the blog!  Thanks for the picture, Sluggerrr–you’re the best!  No one gets the stadium clapping like you do!  I feel so honored to get to work with you!

Picture 057.jpg

Now this next guy you might not recognize because he is behind the camera a lot, but you might have yelled, “HEY CAMERA MAN- GET ME ON SCREEN!” to him a couple of times this past season!  I believe I’ve mentioned Jordan in a previous blog because he is seriously the best.  I’ve had the extreme pleasure of working with him a lot this season, and he also does an excellent job at capturing the moments to put on CrownVision!  Jordan- you’re awesome…with the camera of course, Picture_046.jpgbut also with some great advice you dispersed to Megan and me that last homestand!  Thanks for such a fantastic season, and I can’t wait to see you next season!

And here is Tommy who was a huge help during my Live Shot out at the Royals Hall of Fame!  He stepped in and did the play by play for us at the “You Make the Call” interactive experience.  Super impressive, Tommy!

I saved these guys for last, because I especially liked something they said to me.  As I was walking around talking to fans, these guys caught my eye.  I know what you’re thinking–how could six ridiculously good looking guys NOT catch my eye?  Well, you’re right, but also because generally when we see groups, we try to ask if they’re celebrating something special that we can help celebrate with them with some tattoos or pins or maybe even just a loud annoucement!  Picture_043.jpgSo, I approached these rather handsome gentleman to inquire if there was a particular reason for their celebration…someone’s bachelor party or birthday maybe?  They all kind of laughed and said no, and I explained that I just figured they must be celebrating something…and that’s when one of these great Royals fans goes, “Well we are!  We’re here to celebrate the Royals!”

I couldn’t have put it better myself. 

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

P.S.  Just because the season is over, doesn’t mean the blogging fun has to stop!  I’ve actually already jotted down some notes for some blogs coming soon!  In fact, here’s a sneak peak at the fun that is yet to come–one super awesome top 10 list that you don’t want to miss, some reflections from my last game of the season and highlights from K Crew’s end of the season party and awards ceremony! 

K Crews Job Never Stops

There comes a point in every K Crew member’s life when they find themselves at an event with lots of people (i.e. the zoo, another sporting event or, in my particular case this past weekend, at the Shanks’ Barnyard Bash 2009), and we just forget that we’re not inside the joy and stardom that is The K where everyone is fascinated by our sweet uniforms and cool bags and eager to high five us, wave at us or yell, “Yeah K Crew!” 

So when we’re at these other events with lots of people and kids around us, we still have this innate expectation for small children to run up to us expecting tattoos or grown men to yell at us, “I WANT A HOT DOG!!”  But these people all around us, well, they don’t know the very fame and prestige that is in their presence.  Such was this past Saturday night when I saw a bunch of little kids running around, and I immediately approached them to start giving out high fives, and then I even began to reach in my bag to grab them some tattoos…only to quickly remember the bag on my right shoulder held lip gloss and my cell phone, not waivers and giveaways.  No, I was not wearing my K Crew bag, nor was it at all normal for me to be high fiving kids and trying to get them to yell, “Let’s go, Royals, let’s go!”

This is the life of a K Crew member.  We eat, sleep and breathe Royals, so when we’re not at the stadium, sometimes we can feel a little lost.  I can remember going to Royals games growing up and thinking the place was so huge and feeling lost, so I find it pretty crazy and exciting that I now feel more lost when I’m not there than when I am at the awesome new stadium.

Here are some snapshots from last homestand.  As always, I had the opportunity to hang out with some pretty great fans!

IMG_6813.JPGBefore I introduce you to some of the awesome FANS that I got to hang out with, allow me to introduce you to these three incredibly good looking and incredibly personable guys that work to make your dreams come true in Guest Services!!!!  For some crazy reason, I hadn’t really had much of a chance to interact with these cool guys until this past homestand, and they were just so much fun!  As we left their room, I said to Brian, “Those guys were just so personable and polite and all had such awesome personalities!”  And then it dawned on me that these qualities are what make them PERFECT for their role in Guest Services!  Keep up the awesome work, guys–you are such an important part of this team!




This season we’ve started throwing t-shirts from the dugouts during the Royals starting line-up.  This is always a super great time, and it’s especially wonderful when polite fans such as this young lady, come find me to personally say thank you for throwing her a t-shirt!  You’re absolutely welcome!!IMG_6823.JPG



Well hello to our fans that came all the way from AUSTRALIA!  They were members of the Australian Military making a visit to Ft. Leavenworth.  Thanks for making it out to The K!!!IMG_6817.JPG



Ah, there is such a special place in my heart for our sweet sign making fans!  I’m all about making signs, so I always love to stop and snap a picture with our creative and colorful designing fans!  Great job, girls!!IMG_6820.JPG 


This excited fan is Dave Lamaster!  He makes it out to lots of games, and it an absolute pleasure!  He was REALLY excited about having his picture on the blog!!!  And you know how much I love excited fans, so here you go, Dave, and remember the best place to watch baseball is always at Kauffman Stadium.

IMG_6819.JPGOn this particular night, Brian and I were in charge of Commerce Bank Pinball Shuffle, and Brian found this awesome contestant!  I really did think this guy was so great–he was such a dedicated fan, and he and his son were a complete pleasure to work with the entire time!  Here’s the two of them with their prize pack!  Thanks for being such great fans, guys!  It’s quality people like you two that make my job so much fun!

And last, but certainly not least, were maybe my two very favorite guys from the entire homestand!  Let me introduce you to the handsome, the spirited, the polite, and the excited…Tucker and Layne!!!  These two adorable cousins were here cheering on the Royals with their grandma, who was kind enough to email me the pictures she took of us!  I couldn’t pick between the two pictures, so boys–that’s just how special you guys are–I’m posting them both!!  You can see them with their super cool tattoos and then being such chivalrous gentlemen for sharing their umbrella with me!  Thanks again, guys–and keep on cheering on our Royals!!!!

tuck and layne.jpg  

It’s a GREAT day to be Royals fan…

P.S. I know it’s a day late, but I wanted to wish Mike McCartney–that amazing and oh-so-exciting voice of the Royals–a very happy birthday!!!!  Just yet another perk of being a K Crew member is that–oh yes, Mike McCartney is my Facebook friend.  How cool am I?!


As promised, here are some incredible people that I got to hang out with last homestand!!!  One night in particular, I seriously just had the most fun with so many different sets of kiddos that were SO EXCITED to be the stadium watching the Royals!  Their enthusiasm pumped me up to do my job even better, so I told them I would return the favor by putting their pretty faces on my blog!  Enjoy!

IMG_6759.JPGThe first shout goes to Hoops and YoYo!!!  Oh man–and you thought these guys were just available upon opening Hallmark cards, but OH NO, they come to cheer on the Royals!!!!!  Kelly did an awesome job helping them out for the game and was actually just named Homestand MVP!  Congrats, Kelly!!!  Britt is the fine looking guy with us, and he is one of my very favorite people to be partners with on K Crew.  He’s funny and clever, works hard and just really a pleasure of a partner.  Here’s to you, Britt!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll surely say it again, but being in charge of the Buck O’Neil Legacy Seat honoree is so exciting because I get to meet the coolest people.  IMG_6774.JPGThis awesome guy next to me is THE Cullen Jones AKA OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST!!!!  I seriously became a little starstruck by Cullen…the most obvious reason would be THE OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL, which is especially impressive to me because I spent a great deal of my childhood being obsessed with the Olympics.  He was super down-to-earth and told me some cool stories about the Olympics, including a really special moment to him when he saw the USA Mens’ Basketball Team all at their meet cheering for THEM.  He said it was pretty surreal.  IMG_6790.JPGBut there was more than just a gold medal that had me so mesmerized by this superstar.  Cullen has teamed up with USA Swimming Foundation’s “Make a Splash” program, to promote swimming lessons in order to help reduce drowning instances among minority youth. 

K Crew’s job is to try to interact with as many as fans as possible each night, and Aaron really took the extra effort to not miss ANYONE!  Hahahahaha. This praying mantis was helping us pump up some pretty excited fans in right field.  And a shout out to Aaron, a veteran K Crew member who I had a great time working with as we reminisced about some K Crew from seasons past.  We miss you guys!

And the following pictures are just some of the INCREDIBLE kids that I met and got to cheer on our Royals together!!  I completely adored my time with each of them!!!  Thanks for being so excited about the Royals, guys…I’m thinking there could be a K Crew job in your future!!!!


IMG_6784.JPGIMG_6794.JPGAnd last, but certainly not least in this blog of INCREDIBLE fans that I got to hang out with would be these sweet kids that I spent a couple of innings with–cheering, chatting, and becoming friends.  They’re not from KC, so this was such a meaningful experience to get to see how very excited they were to be here.  I was getting ready to leave the stadium after the game, when I hear someone shout, “ERICA!!!”  I turn around to see my new friends, and their mom runs over to me and says, “They were so sad that they missed you, because they were really wanting to ask you for your autograph!  I know you’re leaving, but could you do that for them?” 
IMG_6796.JPGNote to fans everywhere:  I WILL NEVER SAY NO TO AN AUTOGRAPH.  Among the million things I love about this job would include the pretend fame that comes with being a K Crew girl, but most of all–I love that four kids left the game smiling and so excited because of some time I spent with them. 

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…


P.S.  I almost forgot!!!  This past weekend, I was at a wedding in St. Louis (Don’t worry, I had my Royals bracelet on ALL weekend!).  IMG_6806.JPGMy boyfriend was the DJ and he had me be the MC for the night.  I felt like I was doing Live Shots all night–it was so much fun!!  One fan–I mean GUEST lol, asked me if I had done some MC stuff before, and I told him about my job with K Crew.  He then had to tease me, because he was a Cards fan (otherwise a really nice guy, ha!).  But then he said something pretty exciting.  He told me that he hasn’t been to a stadium that has such cool promotions and fan interaction as the ones at The K.  Even in a city of red, I hear good things about my Royals!!!  Here’s a picture of me down in the bottom right using my Royals experience to get people a dancing!  Congrats, Elisha and Tony!  Come see us at The K, and I’ll see about getting you on Kiss Cam!