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Dear Rookie KCrew,

Welcome to our squad! We are so excited for you to be a part of the best Crew in MLB! There are a few things you need to know before we get the season kicked off:

1. We have the best fans in baseball! Meet as many of them as possible. Get to know their names, and seek them out at as many games as you can. Baseball is even more fun when shared with friends.

2. Your name will be chanted and yelled almost as much as some of our players’ names. Enjoy it, but do not let it get to your head…you’re only a celebrity in the stadium. (People look at you a little oddly if you try to start a slow clap at the grocery store.)

3. Blue is your new favorite color. Get used to it! Whether it’s royal or powder, you’ll notice that your wardrobe will soon be overpowered by those beautiful hues.

4. Wear sunscreen! Those Sunday games in July and August can be brutal! Be kind to your skin.

5. It will take you a few weeks to get used to maneuvering the stadium. Don’t let any of the veterans fool you…at some point, every one of us walked an unnecessary circle around the stadium as we frantically searched for a specific section of the ballpark.

6. Take good care of your radio! We are spread out all over the stadium throughout the game, and our radios are the best way of communicating with each other, our bosses, and the control room.

7. Pack your bag for game days wisely! We live in Kansas City, and that means that it could be beautiful and balmy in the beginning of a game and turn to stormy and frigid by the end of the same game. Be prepared for anything! (And don’t forget pre-game snacks!)

8. You are a role model to thousands of young fans!  Make every moment with them special!

9. Start practicing your signature – – – you’ll be writing your name a lot this summer!

10. Lastly, you will learn a lot from the veteran KCrew girls this year, but you will also teach us many things. It is the blend of old and new KCrew that makes us better each season! This is a big year for KC, and a great time to be a part of the Royals organization. Smile lots, have fun, and GO ROYALS!


KCrew Veteran Taylor

2012 KCrew Photo Day

While spring training has just begun, we on KCrew also prepare before the season starts too. We just recently had our annual Photo Day at the stadium. All eighteen of us gathered (for the first time) to take pictures, video clips, and different fun shots. Yes, I did say eighteen of us! We welcome the rookies: Lauren Rob, Heather, Paige, Lauren Rog, Alexandra, Kayla, Alex, Chloe, Rachel, and Kelsey. We are all looking forward to them joining us as this exciting season approaches.

On Photo Day we were split up into three groups and rotated to three different stations. The first station was individual photos. We took different full length shots for our poster (be watching for that at the games) and also used props. The props included a baseball, glove, bat, signs, and sombrero. Those pictures were fun because it was a chance for us to really be ourselves.
Next we rotated to the “green screen.” There we did a variety of things you may see throughout the season on CrownVision. Those include reciting the Code of Conduct, thanking all of you; our fans, the infamous slow clap, and other surprises.
Finally, we did our video shoot. This was a chance for us to answer silly questions about ourselves. You will be surprised at what questions we were asked, so you will just have to watch for those videos during the games or even online to find out.
We are all very excited for the season to begin but before that can happen, we have more work to do. Be on the lookout for another blog about our upcoming dance practices!
Go Royals! -KCrew Megan

KCrew in the Community

Being a part of KCrew is more than just being present at all of the Royals games. We are lucky enough to get the opportunity to be involved with the community in a variety of ways. We have been a part of birthday parties, golf tournaments, parades, diabetes and heart walks, and our favorite, community charity events.

On August 30th, Sam and I had the chance to be involved with an appearance to support Royals Charities. On that day, the California Pizza Kitchen in Leawood, Kansas gave 20% of each ticket to Royals Charities when the party mentioned their support. We had such a blast with everyone who came out…even Sluggerrr! And the greatest part was the yummy pizza!

Here we are joined with a couple getting ready to order and support Royals Charities!

Royals Charities supports a variety of non-profit organizations in the area including Operation Breakthrough, Special Olympics of the Greater Kansas City Metro, Children’s Charity of Greater Kansas City, and many more! If you would like more information about Royals Charities or if you would like to donate, please contact Joy at

See you at the K! – Megan R.

Royals FanFest Heats Up Baseball Fever

Royals fans never cease to amaze me. It can be 105 in July or -5 in January, they still have huge hearts for their team. It was the dead of winter with a solid foot of snow on the ground a couple weeks ago and Royal’s fans still came to support our beloved baseball team.  January 20-22 was an event-filled weekend, jam packed with autograph signings, giveaways, player interviews, and plenty of games to go around.

DSCN0255.JPGFanFest is a wonderful opportunity for fans to meet the players in a more personal setting. It provides a chance for young kids to meet their idols and gain autographs to store in their collection. It allows for the die hard Royals fans to meet and greet with new additions to the roster. And for some, like me, it gives us the chance to become even more excited about the much anticipated baseball season.

Sporting our royal blue shorts and white baseball jerseys for the weekend, it was a great getaway from this dreadful weather.  We all got to watch so many talented drum lines, dance teams, and acrobatic groups. It is amazing the talent that surrounds us in Kansas City. FanFest is a great opportunity for these talents to shine.

Along with the opportunity to see some of our favorite players again, it gave us, the KCrew, a chance to see each other again and hang out with the new girls. DSCN0239.JPGThis year there are 11 veterans and 5 rookies. With an 81 game schedule, we all become like sisters. During the summer, I see these girls more than I see my own family. We all have a great time together and get along so well. Come October, it is a bittersweet ending to the season. Thankfully, FanFest acts as a family reunion for us. I cannot wait to spend the summer with all these lovely ladies.

In addition to seeing the KCrew girls, it was great to see so many familiar faces at FanFest. I love seeing our season ticket holders wearing their hats filled with collectible pins and I love meeting so many new faces who are as excited for the season as we are.

While FanFest is a great weekend, it is quite a teaser for baseball season. I love my college football and basketball, but I could really go for some baseball under the bright lights. See you all in 50 days (and counting)!! 

Go Royals!

-Megan Q.

Two fans that make the K Crew smile

One of the main, most important part of our jobs is interacting with anyone and everyone that comes through the gates of Kauffman stadium. We find the little kids that are at the stadium for the very first time, or find the couple celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary.  It never ceases to amaze us, each and every game, we meet someone that is truly fascinating. We aim to make each experience at the ‘K’ a memorable one by handing out tattoos and pens or just inquiring about what brought them to the ‘K’. lily novak.JPGEvery game is packed with people with such interesting stories and huge hearts for the Royals.  While we strive to make the experience at the stadium better for our fans, we sometimes find people that make our night at work more memorable. I am here to give a shout-out to two very important people that the K Crew has had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with this season.

Our first shout-out goes to our number one fan, Lily.  Lily is an adorable eight-year-old with so much enthusiasm and excitement.   

 We were approached with an email from Lily’s mom explaining how much she loves attending the games and meeting the K Crew. Yes, K Crew. Lily would watch for us and make a point to talk to as many of us as she could each time she visited the ‘K’.  We had the opportunity to show her some behind the scenes that most people don’t see.  Our K Crew meeting room is a simple room, big enough for all of us to gather before the games and prepare.  We took Lily there and I have never seen someone’s eyes become so big.  While we were in the room she passed out pictures she had drawn of all of us! (Which we still have hanging on our K Crew wall.) lily n.JPGShe had looked at our website pictures and drew us a picture based on those! You could sense the sheer joy she was experiencing, so we decided to carry on the tour and have her walk around with us.  If she were a few years older, I would fear losing my job with how great Lily was at our job.  She would talk to the fans, hand out tattoos, and rally with us.  We all know baseball season is a long one, but seeing how much fun Lily was having at our job, she really gave us back some lost energy we may have been experiencing the past couple weeks.  Her last thing she told us that night was her dream job in a couple years is to be on K Crew!  Good luck Lily with your dream!  You will make a great K Crew member one day!


The next hello and huge thank you goes out to Chris.  Chris is the ultimate Royal’s SuperFan! I am sure everyone has seen him if you have walked anywhere in the stadium.  He is in the outfield experience, down by the fountains, up in view level, behind home plate, all over, every game. 
Thumbnail image for chris katie megan.JPGChris walks around in his Royals gear proud, cheering on our boys, and happily posing for pictures when approached.  The first time I met Chris was this year when Katie and I were in charge of the Hy-Vee Fan of the Game promotion.
 This prize is given out to one lucky fan that is outrageous and eye-drawing enough to be located by the Royals camera crew.  Chris was the lucky one this game. Katie and I found out his location and walked his prize out to him on the Pepsi Party Porch.  Come to find out, this was Chris’ 500th consecutive home game!  500!! 
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for chris fan.JPGHe has not missed one game since his high school graduation!  On top of 500 straight games, Chris attends 25% of all of the Royals away games, every season.  Talk about a true fan! We are so lucky to continually see Chris out there cheering on our beloved blue and white!

Go Royals!