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As promised, here are some incredible people that I got to hang out with last homestand!!!  One night in particular, I seriously just had the most fun with so many different sets of kiddos that were SO EXCITED to be the stadium watching the Royals!  Their enthusiasm pumped me up to do my job even better, so I told them I would return the favor by putting their pretty faces on my blog!  Enjoy!

IMG_6759.JPGThe first shout goes to Hoops and YoYo!!!  Oh man–and you thought these guys were just available upon opening Hallmark cards, but OH NO, they come to cheer on the Royals!!!!!  Kelly did an awesome job helping them out for the game and was actually just named Homestand MVP!  Congrats, Kelly!!!  Britt is the fine looking guy with us, and he is one of my very favorite people to be partners with on K Crew.  He’s funny and clever, works hard and just really a pleasure of a partner.  Here’s to you, Britt!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll surely say it again, but being in charge of the Buck O’Neil Legacy Seat honoree is so exciting because I get to meet the coolest people.  IMG_6774.JPGThis awesome guy next to me is THE Cullen Jones AKA OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST!!!!  I seriously became a little starstruck by Cullen…the most obvious reason would be THE OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL, which is especially impressive to me because I spent a great deal of my childhood being obsessed with the Olympics.  He was super down-to-earth and told me some cool stories about the Olympics, including a really special moment to him when he saw the USA Mens’ Basketball Team all at their meet cheering for THEM.  He said it was pretty surreal.  IMG_6790.JPGBut there was more than just a gold medal that had me so mesmerized by this superstar.  Cullen has teamed up with USA Swimming Foundation’s “Make a Splash” program, to promote swimming lessons in order to help reduce drowning instances among minority youth. 

K Crew’s job is to try to interact with as many as fans as possible each night, and Aaron really took the extra effort to not miss ANYONE!  Hahahahaha. This praying mantis was helping us pump up some pretty excited fans in right field.  And a shout out to Aaron, a veteran K Crew member who I had a great time working with as we reminisced about some K Crew from seasons past.  We miss you guys!

And the following pictures are just some of the INCREDIBLE kids that I met and got to cheer on our Royals together!!  I completely adored my time with each of them!!!  Thanks for being so excited about the Royals, guys…I’m thinking there could be a K Crew job in your future!!!!


IMG_6784.JPGIMG_6794.JPGAnd last, but certainly not least in this blog of INCREDIBLE fans that I got to hang out with would be these sweet kids that I spent a couple of innings with–cheering, chatting, and becoming friends.  They’re not from KC, so this was such a meaningful experience to get to see how very excited they were to be here.  I was getting ready to leave the stadium after the game, when I hear someone shout, “ERICA!!!”  I turn around to see my new friends, and their mom runs over to me and says, “They were so sad that they missed you, because they were really wanting to ask you for your autograph!  I know you’re leaving, but could you do that for them?” 
IMG_6796.JPGNote to fans everywhere:  I WILL NEVER SAY NO TO AN AUTOGRAPH.  Among the million things I love about this job would include the pretend fame that comes with being a K Crew girl, but most of all–I love that four kids left the game smiling and so excited because of some time I spent with them. 

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…


P.S.  I almost forgot!!!  This past weekend, I was at a wedding in St. Louis (Don’t worry, I had my Royals bracelet on ALL weekend!).  IMG_6806.JPGMy boyfriend was the DJ and he had me be the MC for the night.  I felt like I was doing Live Shots all night–it was so much fun!!  One fan–I mean GUEST lol, asked me if I had done some MC stuff before, and I told him about my job with K Crew.  He then had to tease me, because he was a Cards fan (otherwise a really nice guy, ha!).  But then he said something pretty exciting.  He told me that he hasn’t been to a stadium that has such cool promotions and fan interaction as the ones at The K.  Even in a city of red, I hear good things about my Royals!!!  Here’s a picture of me down in the bottom right using my Royals experience to get people a dancing!  Congrats, Elisha and Tony!  Come see us at The K, and I’ll see about getting you on Kiss Cam! 

My Own Field Of Dreams

Last homestand, Katie and I were walking through the stands talking to fans, and I said to her, “No one really ever asks me to go to Royals games!  I want to be a fan at a game–it looks really fun.”  Katie wisely responded to my silly whining that my friends probably always assume if I’m not working that I don’t want to be at the game.  (NOTE TO MY FRIENDS:  THIS IS NOT TRUE!  I love this place so much that I absolutely will say yes to the cool tickets your boss or brother’s girlfriend’s uncle gave you, so invite me already.) 

Obviously, we have the coolest job at the stadium, but with all of the fan interaction sometimes I think each of us K Crew members has this longing to get to BE A FAN at the game!  We want to be the crazy fan shouting for the t-shirt or eating the hot dog instead of throwing them.  So you can imagine my crazy excitement as I jumped off of the Royals dugout to be greeted by my own Santa Claus with not just tickets for Saturday’s game, but CROWN CLUB tickets!!  Okay, so it wasn’t Santa Claus that greeted me, but actually someone way cooler–Mr. Dan Glass!

If you’ve been reading “Extra Innings with the K Crew” since last season, you’ll remember that I found out last September that the readership of my blog doesn’t just consist of my friends and family, but extends to such distinguished readers such as Mr. Glass.  When he approached me at the game, I was again so very flattered to know he’s been reading again this season.  He offered me his tickets for my family for the Fourth of July and then extended a challenge for me to give a second set of tickets to a most deserving fan or family.

Obviously, I accepted this offer with such gratitude and excitement–not only had my wish of wanting someone to ask me to go to a game came true, but it was the President of the Royals giving me HIS seats!!!!  Our bosses here at the stadium are constantly reminding us that someone is always watching us…whether we’re on the dugout, doing a promotion, talking to a fan or just walking from one location to the next.  Well, after me proclaiming my desire to come to a game as a fan in the 3rd inning and then being handed tickets in the 7th inning, I kind of started to wonder if someone can always hear us, too!  “If you ask for them, they will come…”  This place REALLY is my field of dreams!

Mr. Glass, thank you again for reading and just for taking the time to connect with someone as small as a K Crew member that is just so honored to be a part of your ball club.  My mom, dad, boyfriend, and I were so extremely appreciative  for the opportunity to celebrate our nation’s Independence Day at my favorite place in all the world–Kauffman Stadium!!!! 

See pictures below of my favorite Fourth of July EVER!!!!!




It’s fun to know people, because our photographer spotted me as I was walking in the gates and took this great picture of us walking in.IMG_6281.JPG



Entering the most amazing Crown Club!!!!!!  This place is seriously so nice and amazing and full of DELICIOUS food!




Prime rib was on the menu for the pre-game meal.  Yum!



I made sure to save room for all of those amazing ballpark treats, too!  Midwest Airlines chocolate chip cookies and nachos–these are the snacks I always get a little jealous seeing fans eat during the game!

Yeah Royals.jpg


Chris found us again and snapped a great shot of us in the super comfy cushioned seats!  We were SO CLOSE to the game.  It was INCREDIBLE!!!






And I saved my favorite picture for last… knowing people is always a good thing, but knowing CAMERA GUYS is the best.  My favorite camera guy, Jordan- made a lifelong dream of mine come true by putting me on KISS CAM!!!!!!






The seats were unbelievable, the food was delicious, the atmosphere was so much fun, the company was great, Kiss Cam was soooo exciting and WE WON!!!!!  It was seriously the best Fourth of July EVER.

And I couldn’t say this with any more sincerity or excitement–
It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals FAN…

One SUITE Game

A few weeks ago, I received a most flattering email informing me that Mr. Dan Glass has been enjoying my blog all season long and wanted to offer me tickets to the Crown Club for any game of my choice.

Let me just explain what went through my mind as I read this email…  first of all, I thought it was some sort of joke, because my friends constantly tease me that no one is reading my amazing blog.  Upon realizing that it indeed was NOT a joke, I could not contain my excitement that he had been reading my blog all season!!!!!  I was so honored and flattered and in complete disbelief!  It wasn’t until after processing that it was not a joke and being so completely flattered that I finally realized the sheer excitement that I’d be going to a game and sitting in Mr. Glass’ Crown Seats!!!!

I still had not a clue how exciting it would be until I actually arrived at the game Saturday night and got to experience the crazy amazing crown seats from the very kind and generous Mr. Glass.  I brought along my dad (the biggest and most loyal Royals fan I know) and our family friends, Samantha and Mike.  My dad and Mike have been friends since high school and have been coming to games for over 30 years. They have always talked about George Brett and Frank White as if they actually knew them.  Ironically, when the elevator door opened to take us to our seats, there was Frank White, and sure enough Mike said “hi” to him as if he had known him all his life.One SUITE Game 006.jpg 

Samantha and I have been best friends since we were babies… which is fun, because she now has a beautiful baby boy who got to come along as well.  Hayden has now been to three Royals games… and we’ve won all three!!!

One SUITE Game 004.jpgI took several pictures, so I could attempt to convey the crazy amazing time we had Saturday night… 

Before the game, we got to have a delicious meal in the Crown Club. 

One SUITE Game 032.jpg

Sam and I are clearly super excited about our Tony Pena Jr. bobbleheads…  and the Spanish teacher in me enjoyed every single minute of Viva Los Royals!  And in the spirit of the Viva Los Royals night, I’d like to publicly say MUCHAS GRACIAS for such an amazing, wonderful, exciting opportunity!!!!!! 


This is just a little glimpse of exactly how close we were to the field!One SUITE Game 021.jpg 

One SUITE Game 015.jpgWe were kissing our favorite guy during Kiss Cam!







One SUITE Game 011.jpg
One SUITE Game 014.jpgSean
and Emily both came down to say hi… it had been way too long since I’d seen either of them!!  You guys are the best! 

One SUITE Game 013.jpgMore yummy food!!!


GREAT seats.  GREAT food.  GREAT company.  GREAT game.


It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

Opening Day Excitement at the K

I wasn’t working the game last night, but I was checking every few minutes to check the status of the game.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never once wondered what the score was when I wasn’t at a game.  It’s official–I AM A ROYALS FAN. 

Hot dogs.jpgNot the kind I’ve been in the past, where I was more excited about the Kiss Cam than the score, but the kind that reminds me a little bit of my dad.  For as long as I can remember, my dad has been a TRUE Royals fan.  The kind that loves the Royals in the good seasons, but also the not so good seasons.  The kind that gets a little annoyed when people cheer louder for the Hot Dog Derby than for the team.  And when I’ve inquired about this constant dedication of his, he always says it all started with the excitement of going to games in the 80s.  I’ve never quite got it…until Tuesday night.

As I was looking up at the stadium full of blue screaming fans through the eyes of the Ketchup costume- I felt a little bit of that excitement.  As Emily and I walked around the stadium to our next event and people were yelling and cheering as we walked by in our K Crew uniforms, I felt that excitement.  Then with two outs at the top of the ninth, as fans started standing to their feet and clapping, again I felt that excitement.

Emerson Drive.jpgFrom beginning to end, opening day was such a feel of that kind of excitement that I’d only heard my dad talk about as he reminisced of the 80s.  K Crew got to the stadium for our pre-game meeting at noon, and then seven hours later we were in that same room catching our breath from the whirlwind of a day.  We assisted with pre-game (i.e. chatted with Emerson Drive on the field), launched t-shirts, ran in hot dog suits, sang to some Garth, threw out Cracker Jacks, helped with all sorts of promos, did some 7th inning stretching on the dugouts, and last but certainly not least–cheered as the Royals beat the Yankees for our very first home game of 2008!

I checked the final score.  Another victory for the home team.  Come out and feel that excitement from the 80s coming alive… just leave the scrunchies, leg warmers and big hair at home. 

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…