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K Crew in the Community

This week is a special treat for all of our K Crew blog readers – a guest blog entry from Megan!  Enjoy!


DSCF1648.JPGWhen people say there is no greater joy than kids, they were totally correct.  This past weekend Sandy, Danaya, Sam and I got the opportunity to do an appearance at the March of Dimes’ annual event March for Babies.  When we arrived at 8am at the Power and Light District, ready to hand out tattoos and pins, we were blown away with the amount of joy and enthusiasm that filled this Saturday morning event.

March for Babies is an event that raises money to help families with premature babies.  A mile long walk was set up for all participants downtown.  We came across 8,000 people excited to walk for these little faces, and it did not take long to realize what a great day this would be.

DSCF1638.JPGOne of the first people we came across was this adorable man, Don Post.  After talking to Don, we came to realize that there were so many special people that surrounded this event.  Each year Don is in charge of all volunteers for March for Babies and Bikers for Babies, both events needing 300+ volunteers.  Dubbed the “Volunteer Extraordinaire,” Don is amazing at rallying his troops.  Even though he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease in 1980, he still puts his heart and soul into these events. Every year he is out there supporting this foundation and helping in any and every way he can.

DSCF1643.JPGWhile we were walking around, spreading Royals cheer, we came across so many families with such amazing stories.  Hearing what these families went through for their little babies is amazing.  Another great person we met was Cameron, also known as “The One Pound Miracle,” and his parents.  Cameron’s parents told us about the hoops that preemies and their parents have to jump through to make it just one more day.  In Cameron’s case, 104 days in the NICU – 104 days of anticipating what it was going to be like to take Baby Cameron home.  It was amazing to see the love that everyone had for these preemie babies, and also the people walking in support of the babies they had lost.  

The Kansas City March for Babies has always been successful, and this year was no different. On a gloomy Saturday morning 8,000 people came out to support this amazing cause, and they raised $850,000.  While the potential for rain may have been looming over our heads, it was a beautiful day filled with hope and gracious hearts.  The K Crew is so blessed to have opportunities such as this to get out into the community and meet more amazing people and Royals fans!

– Megan