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KCrew in the Community

Being a part of KCrew is more than just being present at all of the Royals games. We are lucky enough to get the opportunity to be involved with the community in a variety of ways. We have been a part of birthday parties, golf tournaments, parades, diabetes and heart walks, and our favorite, community charity events.

On August 30th, Sam and I had the chance to be involved with an appearance to support Royals Charities. On that day, the California Pizza Kitchen in Leawood, Kansas gave 20% of each ticket to Royals Charities when the party mentioned their support. We had such a blast with everyone who came out…even Sluggerrr! And the greatest part was the yummy pizza!

Here we are joined with a couple getting ready to order and support Royals Charities!

Royals Charities supports a variety of non-profit organizations in the area including Operation Breakthrough, Special Olympics of the Greater Kansas City Metro, Children’s Charity of Greater Kansas City, and many more! If you would like more information about Royals Charities or if you would like to donate, please contact Joy at

See you at the K! – Megan R.

Royals FanFest Heats Up Baseball Fever

Royals fans never cease to amaze me. It can be 105 in July or -5 in January, they still have huge hearts for their team. It was the dead of winter with a solid foot of snow on the ground a couple weeks ago and Royal’s fans still came to support our beloved baseball team.  January 20-22 was an event-filled weekend, jam packed with autograph signings, giveaways, player interviews, and plenty of games to go around.

DSCN0255.JPGFanFest is a wonderful opportunity for fans to meet the players in a more personal setting. It provides a chance for young kids to meet their idols and gain autographs to store in their collection. It allows for the die hard Royals fans to meet and greet with new additions to the roster. And for some, like me, it gives us the chance to become even more excited about the much anticipated baseball season.

Sporting our royal blue shorts and white baseball jerseys for the weekend, it was a great getaway from this dreadful weather.  We all got to watch so many talented drum lines, dance teams, and acrobatic groups. It is amazing the talent that surrounds us in Kansas City. FanFest is a great opportunity for these talents to shine.

Along with the opportunity to see some of our favorite players again, it gave us, the KCrew, a chance to see each other again and hang out with the new girls. DSCN0239.JPGThis year there are 11 veterans and 5 rookies. With an 81 game schedule, we all become like sisters. During the summer, I see these girls more than I see my own family. We all have a great time together and get along so well. Come October, it is a bittersweet ending to the season. Thankfully, FanFest acts as a family reunion for us. I cannot wait to spend the summer with all these lovely ladies.

In addition to seeing the KCrew girls, it was great to see so many familiar faces at FanFest. I love seeing our season ticket holders wearing their hats filled with collectible pins and I love meeting so many new faces who are as excited for the season as we are.

While FanFest is a great weekend, it is quite a teaser for baseball season. I love my college football and basketball, but I could really go for some baseball under the bright lights. See you all in 50 days (and counting)!! 

Go Royals!

-Megan Q.

The Last Homestand…but not the last blog!

Sometimes life gets a little crazy, and I need reminders to update my favorite blog!  These reminders can come from a Post-It note on my desk at work,Picture 052.jpg sometimes from my boss here at the Royals, but my favorite reminders come from fans that are checking the blog…such as this super excited fan who dominated the Upper Deck Match Game!  Ryan, you were awesome, and I absolutely loved your very excited message and reminder to get this blog up!  Thanks for being such a great fan!!!!

Ryan was just one of many awesome fans that I encountered during our last homestand, so let me give some shout outs to some other pretty special fans…Picture_066.jpg

Katie and I are posing with our favorite fan from Argentina!!!  We made a super special delivery to give him a t-shirt for his excited Royals spirit!  Muchas gracias for cheering for the Royals while in the USA!!

Okay, so these next pictures aren’t fans, but just some really awesome people that contribute to making The K my favorite place in all the world…Picture_049.jpg

Here is Megan who started out the season as a fellow K Crew member, but as you can see from her snazzy clothes, she left the dugouts for an office job.  She’s genuinely one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and just such a pleasure to work with at The K.  Thanks for being so great and always so excited about the blog, Megan!

Picture 055.jpgAnd everyone knows this guy that I was so excited to catch by himself for a minute to snap a picture for the blog!  Thanks for the picture, Sluggerrr–you’re the best!  No one gets the stadium clapping like you do!  I feel so honored to get to work with you!

Picture 057.jpg

Now this next guy you might not recognize because he is behind the camera a lot, but you might have yelled, “HEY CAMERA MAN- GET ME ON SCREEN!” to him a couple of times this past season!  I believe I’ve mentioned Jordan in a previous blog because he is seriously the best.  I’ve had the extreme pleasure of working with him a lot this season, and he also does an excellent job at capturing the moments to put on CrownVision!  Jordan- you’re awesome…with the camera of course, Picture_046.jpgbut also with some great advice you dispersed to Megan and me that last homestand!  Thanks for such a fantastic season, and I can’t wait to see you next season!

And here is Tommy who was a huge help during my Live Shot out at the Royals Hall of Fame!  He stepped in and did the play by play for us at the “You Make the Call” interactive experience.  Super impressive, Tommy!

I saved these guys for last, because I especially liked something they said to me.  As I was walking around talking to fans, these guys caught my eye.  I know what you’re thinking–how could six ridiculously good looking guys NOT catch my eye?  Well, you’re right, but also because generally when we see groups, we try to ask if they’re celebrating something special that we can help celebrate with them with some tattoos or pins or maybe even just a loud annoucement!  Picture_043.jpgSo, I approached these rather handsome gentleman to inquire if there was a particular reason for their celebration…someone’s bachelor party or birthday maybe?  They all kind of laughed and said no, and I explained that I just figured they must be celebrating something…and that’s when one of these great Royals fans goes, “Well we are!  We’re here to celebrate the Royals!”

I couldn’t have put it better myself. 

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

P.S.  Just because the season is over, doesn’t mean the blogging fun has to stop!  I’ve actually already jotted down some notes for some blogs coming soon!  In fact, here’s a sneak peak at the fun that is yet to come–one super awesome top 10 list that you don’t want to miss, some reflections from my last game of the season and highlights from K Crew’s end of the season party and awards ceremony! 

Picture Proof

Today I had the opportunity to be at Kauffman Stadium on a non-gameday.  When I first got hired a couple of years ago, I can remember walking into the stadium when no one was there and feeling so incredibly cool and important and just in complete awe of the moment.  Well, it’s two years and hundreds of games later, and I still get that excited “oh my goodness, this is so cool” feeling when I get to be at the stadium on a random Wednesday afternoon. 

This particular visit was especially exciting because I was assisting Sluggerrr for one of his appearances.  It was a great time, and I was just super impressed with Sluggerrr’s ability to charm a crowd of people with such enthusiasm and ease…without ever saying a word!  It was also a rather cool and surreal moment when I added “Sluggerrr” to my phone contacts…hands down, my new favorite contact in my phone book.

This past homestand was pretty crazy amazing.  I know I say this all of the time, but I seriously have THE coolest job in all the world.  Here are a few pictures of proof from this past seven-game homestand…

Black Jack.jpgJack was one of the most excited fans I’ve met.  He was not only enthusiastic and cheering for the Royals, but he knows what he is talking about, too!  From the players to the game of baseball, Jack is one knowledgeable fan!!!  Not to mention ADORABLE!  Thanks for dancing with me to Garth, Jack!!  Katie and I were walking down to get on a dugout, when these two awesome Royals fans caught my attention.  I heard little Maili say, “See Dad, it’s Erica and Katie!”  IMG_0251.jpgShe had seen us walking by earlier and remembered our names.  I was pretty impressed with this.  And if I wasn’t already excited about these fans, Aodhan piped up and said to me, “You have pretty hair.”  It had been kind of a stressful night and his sweet comment just really made me smile.  Thanks for not only being so sweet, but also such spirited Royals fans!!!  And Aodhan- I saw you dancing on CrownVision later in the game–nice moves, man!IMG_6279.JPG



Amy and I were relaxing before the big race.  I’m sure John Deere will be calling soon to have us be their new models with our color coordination going on.6133_513510684564_125300196_30656730_6447769_n.jpg





Much thanks to my good friend, Jennifer, who captured this action shot of the Hot Dog Derby!  I love it when my friends are at games, and on this particular night there were lots of my favorite people all over the sold-out stadium!






It’s pretty cool that literally one of my favorite places in all the world is also where I work.  I just love being at the stadium so much…sold out on a Friday night with fireworks or empty and quiet on Wednesday afternoon assisting Sluggerrr.

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

PS:  Coming soon–pictures and details from a very special game where I had the incredible opportunity to be at the stadium… as a fan!!!



Opening Week at The New K

You’d think after hearing, “I saw you on CrownVision Saturday night!!!!” from students, teachers, friends, my principal, relatives, friends of relatives, more students and the random QuikTrip worker that potentially I’d get tired of it.  But no.  Not even one bit actually.

A coach just stopped me in the teacher’s lounge to ask me how the season was going so far and if I enjoyed it as much as I did last year.  I gave him such an earnest and sincere, “YES! It’s actually even MORE fun!”  Homestand #1 was nothing short of incredible.

Let me take you back to before the gates opened on Friday to the rehearsals.  Here’s where I must admit that all last week I really enjoyed when someone asked, “Erica, what are you doing tonight?”  Then I got to answer (casually and non-chalant, of course), “Oh, you know, I’ve just got rehearsals at the stadium, no big deal.”  When really I think it IS a really big deal!!  Ah, I loved every minute (and there were quite a few minutes, as we were there until almost 11:00PM a couple of nights) of being out on the field getting everything perfect and polished for Opening Day! 

IMG_5937.JPGIn addition to learning about the new stadium and reviewing promotions, this was also some quality bonding time for the new K Crew.  I can barely articulate via this keyboard how much I adore the people I will be spending this season working alongside!  It is such an excited, fun, talented, hilarious group of people.  At this point I would normally give individual shout outs to cool people I like, except that it’s everyone!  Oh wait – I do need to give a shout out to the brilliant wardrobe selection of Mallary for our rehearsal Wednesday night.

I’m going to let the pictures (along with my fun little captions) tell you the story that was Homestand #1 in the new and improved Kauffman Stadium… 




Here are us ladies having some pre-rehearsal dinner!  We’re a little more lady-like out on the job than we are eating our sandwiches…DSC06331[1].JPG




Here is my most lovely partner for Opening Day – Miss Lauren and I had so much fun with our Season Ticket Holders!




Katie, Lauren, Megan Q and I are showing off our K Crew Seventh Inning Stretch towels!  I love these girls!







Katie and I taking a time out on Opening Day for one fun photo op!




 And here’s a look inside K Crew’s pre-game activities…





We study our scripts.








We eat some yummy food.  (Sometimes people get Amy and I confused!)




 Back to the real action…




Look at these very spirited girls that are all decked out for the Royals!!!







I had the opportunity to meet the Buck O’Neil Legacy Seat Honoree.







Megan Q. and I had the pleasure of dancing with this cute cowboy during the Garth Brooks sing along…





Just last night, I was at dinner with five guys who were all SUPER excited about the Royals.  I mean they knew statistics, batting averages, personal information…one of them even knew how to correctly spell Sluggerrr with three Rs and all (I’m still impressed, Devan).  Being around these guys and answering all of their questions about players, the stadium and my job just really made me appreciate all over again what an incredible opportunity I have to be a part of such an exciting organization as the Kansas City Royals.  I’ve said it before, and you can bet I’ll say it again…

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

Smile Because It Happened

I’m horrible with endings.  I cried for a whole week after my first softball season was over in 4th grade, because I missed the practices and games so much.  Graduating both high school and college were super bittersweet for me, because I just always love whatever I’m doing, so I’m never ready for it to be over.  Well the same is absolutely true with my time with K Crew.  I have despised saying, “This is our last homestand” all week long.  It really feels like just yesterday we were all meeting for the first time at the photo shoot in January!  And almost to just make this ending even harder on me, there have been all sorts of people mentioning K Crew and the Royals to me lately…

One of my ASL students told me one day that she just mentioned I wrote a blog for the Royals and her mom said that she had already read it before!  Again, I’m so excited (and surprised) when I find out people are reading my blog!!  Thanks for the read, Shelby’s mom!

Another student told me one morning that he Googled me over the weekend–kind of random, I know–but he said he found my blog and thought it was really fun to read!

I had dinner with my dear friend Courtney on Sunday evening at the Columbia Applebee’s.  She sat down after me and said, “Did you request this table?”  I was confused until she pointed out the Royals jersey hanging right above our table!!!!  I think everything tastes better with the blue and white overhead!  Especially because I had just spent the weekend in St. Louis with a friend.  As we were driving by the stadium, Josh was pointing out the new Busch Stadium, and I commented, “It’s so weird seeing all that red in a stadium.”  He wasn’t too amused with my preference for a stadium of blue!  But seriously–seeing that jersey at Applebee’s made up for a weekend of too much red!

My assistant principal came in my room during my plan time the other day to tell me that he saw me at the game last homestand.  Yell at me next time, Mr. Tarrants!  I’ll always have a hot dog for my principal!

Here’s a picture of my Eagle Time students showing their excitement for my favorite baseball team!  My classroom has all kinds of Royals spirit!
Volleyball 007.jpg 

And as I’ve been working on this blog, who else would I see on a commercial but Sluggerrr talking to Katie Horner!  The Royals are all around me!!!!  And I LOVE it.  And this isn’t even including all the text messages I get when we’re winning and my friends are at the games.  I love getting messages asking, “Are you working tonight? Go Royals!!!”  Sixth win in a row last night… pretty exciting!!

Make you sure you get out to a game this homestand.  I’ll leave you with some words my mom once told me before the end of my basketball season in high school… “Erica- don’t cry because it’s over.  Smile because it happened.”

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…