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K Crews Job Never Stops

There comes a point in every K Crew member’s life when they find themselves at an event with lots of people (i.e. the zoo, another sporting event or, in my particular case this past weekend, at the Shanks’ Barnyard Bash 2009), and we just forget that we’re not inside the joy and stardom that is The K where everyone is fascinated by our sweet uniforms and cool bags and eager to high five us, wave at us or yell, “Yeah K Crew!” 

So when we’re at these other events with lots of people and kids around us, we still have this innate expectation for small children to run up to us expecting tattoos or grown men to yell at us, “I WANT A HOT DOG!!”  But these people all around us, well, they don’t know the very fame and prestige that is in their presence.  Such was this past Saturday night when I saw a bunch of little kids running around, and I immediately approached them to start giving out high fives, and then I even began to reach in my bag to grab them some tattoos…only to quickly remember the bag on my right shoulder held lip gloss and my cell phone, not waivers and giveaways.  No, I was not wearing my K Crew bag, nor was it at all normal for me to be high fiving kids and trying to get them to yell, “Let’s go, Royals, let’s go!”

This is the life of a K Crew member.  We eat, sleep and breathe Royals, so when we’re not at the stadium, sometimes we can feel a little lost.  I can remember going to Royals games growing up and thinking the place was so huge and feeling lost, so I find it pretty crazy and exciting that I now feel more lost when I’m not there than when I am at the awesome new stadium.

Here are some snapshots from last homestand.  As always, I had the opportunity to hang out with some pretty great fans!

IMG_6813.JPGBefore I introduce you to some of the awesome FANS that I got to hang out with, allow me to introduce you to these three incredibly good looking and incredibly personable guys that work to make your dreams come true in Guest Services!!!!  For some crazy reason, I hadn’t really had much of a chance to interact with these cool guys until this past homestand, and they were just so much fun!  As we left their room, I said to Brian, “Those guys were just so personable and polite and all had such awesome personalities!”  And then it dawned on me that these qualities are what make them PERFECT for their role in Guest Services!  Keep up the awesome work, guys–you are such an important part of this team!




This season we’ve started throwing t-shirts from the dugouts during the Royals starting line-up.  This is always a super great time, and it’s especially wonderful when polite fans such as this young lady, come find me to personally say thank you for throwing her a t-shirt!  You’re absolutely welcome!!IMG_6823.JPG



Well hello to our fans that came all the way from AUSTRALIA!  They were members of the Australian Military making a visit to Ft. Leavenworth.  Thanks for making it out to The K!!!IMG_6817.JPG



Ah, there is such a special place in my heart for our sweet sign making fans!  I’m all about making signs, so I always love to stop and snap a picture with our creative and colorful designing fans!  Great job, girls!!IMG_6820.JPG 


This excited fan is Dave Lamaster!  He makes it out to lots of games, and it an absolute pleasure!  He was REALLY excited about having his picture on the blog!!!  And you know how much I love excited fans, so here you go, Dave, and remember the best place to watch baseball is always at Kauffman Stadium.

IMG_6819.JPGOn this particular night, Brian and I were in charge of Commerce Bank Pinball Shuffle, and Brian found this awesome contestant!  I really did think this guy was so great–he was such a dedicated fan, and he and his son were a complete pleasure to work with the entire time!  Here’s the two of them with their prize pack!  Thanks for being such great fans, guys!  It’s quality people like you two that make my job so much fun!

And last, but certainly not least, were maybe my two very favorite guys from the entire homestand!  Let me introduce you to the handsome, the spirited, the polite, and the excited…Tucker and Layne!!!  These two adorable cousins were here cheering on the Royals with their grandma, who was kind enough to email me the pictures she took of us!  I couldn’t pick between the two pictures, so boys–that’s just how special you guys are–I’m posting them both!!  You can see them with their super cool tattoos and then being such chivalrous gentlemen for sharing their umbrella with me!  Thanks again, guys–and keep on cheering on our Royals!!!!

tuck and layne.jpg  

It’s a GREAT day to be Royals fan…

P.S. I know it’s a day late, but I wanted to wish Mike McCartney–that amazing and oh-so-exciting voice of the Royals–a very happy birthday!!!!  Just yet another perk of being a K Crew member is that–oh yes, Mike McCartney is my Facebook friend.  How cool am I?!

Far Away…and Missing The K!

Driving home from church, I look down at my phone to see “Brother” flashing across the screen.  My heart skipped a beat, as it had been quite some time since I had seen my brother calling me.  Atticus left Kansas City in June and headed off to basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.  He’d been without any form of communication except handwritten letters until Sunday when they had their phones for a brief period.  During our conversation, Atticus had many stories to tell–some good and some tough.  He shared stories of getting an expert badge with his shooting skills, being named leader of his platoon and having to eat meals in just six minutes, but then he shared something I think will be of special interest to you, my favorite Royals fans…

brother, last year.jpgHe told me that not too long ago the guys were at a barber shop where they saw a baseball game on the television.  He said seeing that game made him want nothing more than to be out at The K.  His voice held such sincerity and a genuine longing to be enjoying a game at our stadium, watching our guys, eating one of our hot dogs…and of course, seeing his favorite K Crew member cheering on our Royals!  Here is a picture of Atticus at The K last season.  He’s the good looking guy in the front row!

In all seriousness though, it was incredibly touching for me to hear how much he wanted to attend a Royals game.  I’ve said this so many times, but I honestly just adore our stadium.  And I said it last year, before all of the amazing renovations…so while the actual stadium itself is so awesome, that’s not what I’m referring to with my adoration.  What I’m talking about is the parking attendants that greet you with such a big smile and wave.  Or the ushers that smile and ask, “Ready for another big game tonight?”  Or the cool music that plays when Billy Butler hits a home run and fireworks go off and everyone is on their feet cheering and high fiving.  Even the smell of summer and hot dogs and cotton candy…all of it is what makes up my favorite place in the whole world…and that’s The K.

The builders and engineers that constructed all of the new features and improvements did such a great job, and I look around at the games still in awe of how great the place looks.  But that’s really not what I think of when I say how it’s my favorite place in the whole world.  And I don’t think that is what Atticus was talking about when he was a thousand miles away wanting nothing more than to be out at a game.  It’s the team.  The fans.  The whole Royals experience.

We come back into town this Friday night for a six game homestand.  And ever since I got off the phone with Atticus, I’ve had a little more anticipation than normal for the guys to get back to KC so I can enjoy the game that truly is America’s favorite pastime.  I encourage you to come out to cheer and support the team, but most of all–savor the experience that is Royals baseball.  Because somewhere in a barrack in South Carolina there is a soldier that wants nothing more than to be in your seat.

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…