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Sundays at The K

Sunday games are my favorites.  I love being outside at the stadium on a sunny afternoon with all of my favorite Royals fans!  Last Sunday was especially full of fun and excited fans, new accessories for the K Crew, an awesome post-game concert and, most importantly, a SWEEP of the Reds!!

Let me take you through this particular awesome Sunday at the stadium…

and I both realized we had forgotten socks for the game, so we asked Kasey if we could bust out the new tube socks a few games early!!  Here are some of us girls modeling the new look in the locker room before the game…

If I had a penny for everytime I heard, “Nice socks!” I’d be one rich lady.IMG_6203.JPG



There were tons of groups here for Family and Faith Day at the K, and I spotted Derek amidst his church group!  Katie and I loved the spirit, Derek!IMG_6205.JPG





When I saw this adorable little boy, he looked at me and said, “I love the Royals!”  It was adorable!!!  I love our fans of all ages!!!!!  Thanks for the high five, Peyton!IMG_6207.JPG



Katie and I were getting ready to run out on the field to hold the finish line for the Teenie Wienie Race!  Relish took off with a huge lead and greeted us at the finish line with a smile!!



One of the things I love most about this job is all of the people I get to see all of the time!!!  Every game there are always friends or family or even an old teacher that I get to spread some Royals cheer to!!  IMG_6209.JPGI’m always still surprised by how many people that I know that I see at the games, but clearly it’s because I’ve always surrounded myself with only the best company…Royals fans, of course!!!

This particular very special fan is my former teacher, Coach Hopkins!  I was SO EXCITED when he yelled out my name as I was climbing the stairs in the view level.  Coach Hopkins taught me a wealth of knowledge about history and geography.  His passion for history made his class such an exciting and fun place to be 5th hour my freshman year of high school!  So great to see you, Coach Hopkins!!!!

To conclude such a perfect Sunday at the K, I stayed with my parents for the MercyMe concert!  It was such a great concert with two really awesome testimonies from Trey Hillman and Brian Bannister.  I’m so proud to be a part of an organization with such respectable and solid individuals such as Hillman and Bannister!

IMG_6211.JPGIt’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

Spreading My Royals Cheer

This entry is a little late getting to you, as I’ve started my first week of teaching and coaching at Grain Valley High School.  As I sat in meetings ALL day, there were several times that I would glance out the window and see the sun shining, and I seriously longed to be outside at The K launching T-shirts or even running in the Ketchup suit!  Being inside all day (and in long meetings, nonetheless) perhaps gave me yet another appreciation for just how amazing life as a K Crew member really is!

Last homestand, we had a lot of exciting things going on.  Since I didn’t have any pictures last entry, I made sure to get several for this blog!  I will let the pictures tell the story of Homestand #9 with just some words from me explaining all the fun that is going on…

DSC02565.JPGI’ve talked all season long about the great people I have the opportunity to work with game after game… I feel like a broken record, but these people just really are pretty fantastic!  I couldn’t ask for better co-workers.  In this picture, Chris is giving me a REALLY great present he brought me back from his trip to Chicago where he got to visit Wrigley Field.  And oh yes, he wore a Royals hat to the game!



DSC02567.JPGWhen selecting people for our promotions, we have a couple of guidelines we go by…you’ve got to be at the game early when we’re looking for contestants, and it’s a must that you have Royals apparel on!  On this particular night, I spotted this young Royals fan, and just knew he would be PERFECT!  Not only was he wearing a Royals t-shirt, but a hat and tattoos as well!  But little did I know that he would be such an expert about the Royals!  The inning before the Commerce Bank Hard Hat Shuffle while I sat with him, he was explaining more to me than I can even tell you!  Players’ statistics, pitching strategies…this guy knew it all!  And he, of course, also won the prize for knowing the ball was under hat number 3!

and I had the pleasure of hanging out with these good looking guys during pre-game in the press conference room.  I later got to see Nick and Jake several times during the game, and I’m pretty sure they even caught some launched hot dogs too!  Jake had one of the best first pitches I’ve seen all year!!  I’m pretty sure Trey Hillman will be giving you a call in a few years, Jake!



celebrity_golf_0273.jpgK Crew helped out at the Royals Charities Golf Tournament, which benefitted the Special OlympicsSean and Sarah took care of the T-shirt gun, while Emily, Amy, I participated in the Hot Dog Derby to start off the tournament.  There’s nothing like starting your day off at 8 AM with a little jog in the Ketchup suit! 

celebrity_golf_0111.jpgAs excited as I am about my new career as a teacher and coach, even writing this blog just reminds me how incredible of a job I have with the Royals where “work” is defined as being at the stadium, getting fans excited, and launching hot dogs.  Oh, and I found out this past week that in the foreign language department, I am working with a White Sox and a Cardinals fan!!!!  But don’t you worry, my classroom is already well represented with every bobblehead we’ve given away this season!  I will certainly share my enthusiam for the Royals with all 182 of my students!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…

One Fun Week

It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’m going to let these pictures do some of the talking with just some brief captions from me to explain all of the K Crew fun that is going on in each photo…


With Trey.jpgI had the pleasure of hearing Trey Hillman and Dayton Moore share their testimonies at my brother’s school (Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) last Thursday.  As an area representative for Fellowship of Christian Athletes, I left EXTREMELY impressed with these two men that are in such prestigious positions in the Royals’ organization and using their influence to share about the most important thing in their lives–not baseball, but God.  As I left the service, I told my brother I’d never been more proud to be part of this organization than I was upon hearing the leadership has such solid beliefs.


Fern Tipton.JPGFriday evening, I was in charge of the Buck O’Neil Legacy Seat, which is awarded every home game to a member of the community who embodies an aspect of Buck’s spirit through generosity and kindness towards others. This was my first time working with this particular facet of our pre-game ceremonies, but I cannot imagine a more a deserving person for this honor.  I enjoyed every minute of getting to speak with Fern before the game.  Her compassion for others radiated throughtout her every word and gesture.  Fern, who turns 85 this September, has spent 17 years dedicating her time and talents to the Raytown Shepherd Center’s Meals on Wheels program, and she also actively volunteers with several other Raytown organizations and causes.  I am so glad that part of my job that evening was to meet such a fantastic person!


Cousins.jpgThis last picture is of me and my two adorable little cousins, Keagan and Logan, who were braving the unseasonable cold for our victory against the Blue Jays Friday night. 

I wasn’t able to be at the game Saturday night, but a friend of mine was sending me text messages with score updates all evening.  I was in Wal-Mart when I heard the final score that we had won, and I decided my role as a K Crew member really shouldn’t be confined to the stadium, so I took it upon myself to announce to everyone in Wal-Mart that we won!!!  My favorite quote of the night was when I started yelling, “Royals…in aisle WONNN!!”

From the inspiring words of Trey Hillman and Dayton Moore to the sweet sincerity of Fern to the sillyness of my own public service annoucement at Wal-Mart, it was one fun week to be K Crew member.

It’s a GREAT day to be a Royals fan…